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May 5, 2008 07:51 AM

Wolfgang's in Beverly Hills - Anyone been?

We're going this coming Sat night. My husband went to the NYC one two weeks ago and liked it well enough. It looks posh from the outside - like a nice place for a fancy night out. I don't eat steak - I go to steakhouses for the sides and the martinis. Anyone tried this new steakhouse?

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  1. Are you referring to CUT? Editing your post title might garner more replies, as 'Wolfgang's' is a tad non-specific to the browsing eye...

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        There is actually a new steakhouse in Beverly Hills called Wolfgang's and it is not related to Herr Puck. This is a place by a former waiter at Peter Luger's in NY.

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          Methinks this response is going to play itself out time and time again for quite a while online and in conversations ... lol.

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            Come on people. The LA Times today says Puck has no comment until he speaks with attorneys. What? Wolfgang is the owner's name and it's known in the food world as the Luger's spinoff, quite a pedigree, and excellent in its own regard. Anyone who confuses these two great steakhouses with each other should just eat at Sizzler and save their money.

            1. re: gph2os

              Since this is Wolfgang's third location and he's been around for several years, I don't think Puck has any legal ground. I have reservations for next Wednesday. Been to the NYC many times and the porterhouse is unbelievable. Can't wait.

          2. Rachel Ann, to answer your question, there have been several posts about Wolfgang's, and repeated confusion about whether it is related to Mr. Puck, which it is not, but to my knowledge no one has posted a review yet. Maybe you can be the first, or one of the first. After your dinner Saturday, PLEASE post with your thoughts--many of us would like to hear about it.

            BTW, the space was formerly Umenohana, a very beautiful and excellent (but utterly inappropriate for BH) tofu restaurant.

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            1. re: PayOrPlay

              I have walked by and looked at the menu which looks good. I would also love to hear your review. It looks promising at first glance.

            2. I went on Friday. The steak was excellent, not quite up to Lugers but close. Cooked perfectly, charred on the outside and rare in the center. Steak for 2 was around 90 bucks and the wine list was expensive. So I stuck to martinis which were large and a good value relative the expensive, mediocre cabernet by the glass. German potatoes were tasty, and like in the new york location you have to try the canadian bacon. Ambiance was fairly sterile--i.e., typical steakhouse but with a nice big bar. All in all, a welcome addition to the 90210 dining scene.

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              1. re: zdiddynyc

                They are the ONLY steakhouse in LA that doesn't allow BYO!

                Not surprising, given the Peter Luger background, but unless someone else is paying, there are plenty of other choices that are wine friendly.

                Even CUT, which has a high $35 corkage, has a really interesting, fairly priced list. The Wolfgang list is like Mastros - unimaginative and really overpriced.

                1. re: manku

                  When I called, I was told the corkage is $50.00 and something along the lines of: "We have an extensive wine list so we encourage you to enjoy what we offer but if you have a wine you want to bring in that has sentimental value or the like, you are welcome to."

                  1. re: caveatempty

                    Thanks for clarifying that...I got my info secondhand.

              2. Best steak I've had in Los Angeles, but I agree on the outrageously priced wine list. Only a couple of reasonably priced wines for those who happen to have the knowledge of what to pick. Mostly priced like a Las Vegas wine list. Cocktails were OK (good manhattan, poor margarita), but the bartender sluffed me off to the barback who made the poor margarita (my only complaint. Service at the bar could be better, service at the table was great.

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                1. re: gph2os

                  I think the cocktails were great... I had an excellent vodka martini. Makes sense the Manhattan was good and the margarita was not.... in the defense of the restaurant, margaritas are not a typical steakhouse drink, so the bartenders probably didn’t get a lot of training/practice with that…. However, you are right that a good bartender should be able to make any popular drink fairly well... especially at those prices.

                  As for the food: the porterhouse here was delicious…. It came out perfectly rare in the center and served on a sizzling hot plate. Finally a steakhouse in LA that can satisfy that Peter Luger craving.

                  1. re: Ali B

                    I guess my point is that if they'e going to be in Los Angeles they should be able to make one of the quintessential Los Angeles drinks (and not pass it off to the barback). But I will take wholehearted pleasure in training the bartenders on how to make a good margarita. It will take many visists and many steaks -- but I'm more than willing. Those steaks are amazing! Can't wait to try the burger at lunch.

                2. Wow...this is a very pleasant surprise! I haven't been to Wolfgang's in NYC, but Luger's remains a gold standard.