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May 5, 2008 07:44 AM

Which Congee Wong (or similar) is best in GTA?

Just want some Cantonese basics, like Cantonese chow mein, and the deep fried chicken wings, crispy chicken, beef rice noodles with lots of sauce, garoupa with rice or noodles without the bones, and BBQ/roast pork/duck.

Markham, Thornhill, North York or Scarborough is okay; prices similar to Congee Wong preferable .... with option to buy take-out please .....

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  1. A bit more on the HK cafe style side but the Kenny's at the T&T plaza besides Metro (Warden + Steeles) is pretty solid and reasonably priced. Of the three Kenny's, I also think that one has the best cooks. There's no BBQ shop nearby though so I'm not sure about their roast pork/duck items.

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      Congee and Noodle House at Don Mills/Finch is a good substitute of Congee Wong. It is slightly cheaper than Congee Wong however I think the food tastes better.

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        Is Keung Kee the same as Kenny's? That's the only place I know in that plaza?

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          You are correct, Keung Kee or Keung's is the one at the T&T plaza, not Kenny's. There's a Kenny's on Steeles across from Market Village, one at First Markham Place, another at Sheppard and Midland and also one on 16th and Bayview.

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            There's a Keung Kee at Peachtree Centre at Hwy 7 and Kennedy. Personally I feel that they used to be better but their chicken congee, rice noodle wrapped in the fritter and hot pork shred lo mein are the best around, IMO.

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              Kenny's noodles (聯記) is different from Keung Kee (強記). There are 3 Keung Kee, the worst one is the one at the T&T plaza at Warden and Steeles, please stay away from it.

              The original Keung Kee is the one at Kennedy and 7. If you go to Keung Kee, remember to order the deep fried "honey comb" tofu, some of the best ! So delicately crispy outside, so fresh, steaming hot and soft inside. So delicious when eaten with the sweet hoisan sauce mixed with the hot sauce !

              All Kenny's noodles have been going downhill for a while imo.

              1. re: skylineR33

                Ah, my bad. Meant Keung Kee and not Kenny's. (And a bit late at that for a correction, I forgot about this thread.)

                But I have to defend my recommendation for the one at Warden & Steeles. I've frequented all three throughout the years and I'd have to say the one at Peachtree (Kennedy + 7) to be the worst. The food isn't bad per se but it's nothing special either, pretty bland for my tastes.

                1. re: tksh

         one vote each for Peachtree and Warden/Steeles as the worst Keung Kee. I've only experienced the Midland (near Finch) and Warden/Steele locations, but between those two would definitely favor the Midland location over Warden/Steele. Any doubts that the Midland location is the best?

                  1. re: T Long

                    Nowadays, I usually visit the one near Midland and Finch. Last time when I visted the one at Kennedy + 7 which is quite a while ago, I also have noticed it has gone downhill.

                    1. re: skylineR33

                      I love Keung Kee. They have a great vegetarian soup with plenty of tofu and greens that makes me feel healthier each time I eat it. Their 'special' fried rice w/ egg whites and broccoli is delicious, and their congee (seafood) is tasty as well.

        2. I prefer Congee Queen in the Shoppes of Steeles plaza, Steeles and Don Mills.

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          1. We go to a congee place at Yonge and Cummer. It's very good and the price is so reasonable it amazes us every time we go there. It's called Congee _______. I can't remember the name

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            1. There's Congee Dynasty in Mississauga on Burnhamthorpe. I've been there a few times and I think it's on-par with Congee Wong. Portions are quite large and the food has always been very good each time I visited. Check out the reviews of Congee Dynasty on another Chowhound thread:

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                Congee Dynasty used to be pretty good when it first opened. However its quality has gone way downhill in the recent months.

                1. re: kaka

                  Congee Queen is the only one we go to now. It has everything. The 'big bowl noodle' is very generous. Enough for 4 and I think it's $8. It also has pho which my kids like. the Soya Chicken is delicious.
                  Also has thai noodle dishes. Something for everyone and very clean.

              2. I second Congee Queen on Steeles/Don Mills area. Same menu as Congee Queen, same prices, more upscale decor, much better service.