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May 5, 2008 07:23 AM

Talula's Table - Hardest to Get Reservation

Conde Nast's has dubbed Talula's Table the hardest to get reservation in the country. According to the article, the restaurant is booked solid a year in advance. Damn, now I'll never be able to go,

Here's a link to the article:

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  1. I just read that it's not hard to get lunch.

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    1. re: DrZibbs

      Anyone can walk in for lunch. Or breakfast. Or anything else throughout the day until 7:00 PM. It's the prix fixe dinner that's impossible to book, even a year out.

      1. re: CindyJ

        Its hard to get in because there is only 8 seats and one seating per night. I am sure its amazing, but they serve about 2,500 diners a year. If they opened an actual restaurant it would obviously be easier to get in. Its an amazing business they have going though, they are their own media machine.

        1. re: Gorp512

          They had an "actual" restaurant before opening Talula's Table. Many of the folks who have snared reservations are former Django devotees.

          1. re: Gorp512

            More power to them. They had an excellent byob, worked their butts off (and one of them really only wanted to do cheese, which explians alot if you think about it) and took themselves out of it to have a child and are returning, if not gently, then at least with a bit more free time. Most of us are just jealous that they did what they wanted to do. If you want their food, plan ahead.

            1. re: Bigley9

              I agree, they have an amazing operation going. Talk about working for yourself. I just think alot of the hype and long waiting lists due to such special circumstances are confused with it just being the food. I wish they would open a spot in Center City and go right up against the big boys. The new Django people made them sign some kind of contract saying they wouldn't open a restaurant 'x' amount of miles from Django. I wonder when that deal is up.

              1. re: Gorp512

                I remember reading something about that agreement that called into question whether Brian was within that distance when he was cooking at Sovana Bistro, just outside Kennett. His brief presence there sure did put Sovana Bistro on the restaurant map.

                1. re: Gorp512

                  The non-compete will be up in 2009. At that point, provided they want to in the first place, the Talula's Table folks will be able to move into the city (whereas now they're bound to not open a restaurant within 40 miles of Django). Somehow, I think they're not likely to pull a Morimoto and move back to the city.

        2. Actually, there IS a relatively easy way to get a reservation at Talula's Table. Simply show up at Talula's a few minutes before 7:00 AM, a year from the date you'd like your reservation. Chances are, if you're the first in line, your name will be written onto a scrap of paper that will eventually make its way into the reservation book.