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May 5, 2008 07:20 AM

Uptown Sawatdee Closed? [MSP]

Drove down Hennepin the other day on my way to the Letterbox for Miel y Leche cupcakes. I think the Uptown Sawatdee is closed. The sign is down, and there is an orange paper on one of the windows-- that's never a good sign, but I couldn't read exactly what it said. Anyone know other information about it?

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  1. I believe it's been closed for a while now. I hadn't noticed that the sign was finally down. But the lights seemed to have been off for some time.

    A quick check of the Sawatdee website lists the Downtown Skyway ("Sawatdee Express"), Warehouse District and Washington Ave. locations in Minneapolis, along with St. Paul, Bloomington, Maple Grove, and St. Cloud.

    I found that Sawatdee outlet to be on the low end of the scale of Sawatdee. With at least 3 other (IMHO, better) Thai places within 4 or 5 blocks, I'm not too surprised.

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      I havent been around for a while but when i was staying in uptown this summer it was still open but not Sawatdee. The sign came down as part of some ownership change some time ago (there was some story about the owners selling it to the chef/management that didnt make a ton o sense).

      As a fan of authentic, or good, thai food i can't say it makes me sad to hear.

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      1. It's open, but just not called Sawatdee anymore. It's the same place it was, just goes by a new name. Something like Thai Uptown Chili.

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          I live half a block away, and got Pad Thai there for the first time a couple weeks ago, so I think it is still open. It is pretty awful, however, and I almost never see anyone in there so I have no idea how it is still in business.