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May 5, 2008 06:42 AM

i waited 1 hour for food at shake shack yesterday...

and it was totally worth it.

ive had a concrete before but never was there for food. i happened to walk by with the girlfriend and figured we'd check it out. the line got excruciating at the 40 minute mark but once we got our double shack burger (amazing), portobello burger (possibly even better), fries (surprisingly great), and 2 concretes, we were in heaven.

one small side carroll gardens, schnack recently closed. i swear, the shake shack burger was just a larger, better version than schnack's little sliders called schnackies. if anyone has the time and dedication, they should revamp schnack with a better location and improve on their menu and have a shake shack-type place in brooklyn...very similar style of burger.

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  1. I used to wait between 1/2 hr and 3 hours for shake shack. I am over it. Yes I love the burgers, but unless i walk bay and the line is manageable, I'll keep walking.

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    1. re: dwaves

      Interesting...I'm planning to visit on my trip to NYC later this month but wondering if the line is horrific are there any other quick eats options in the area?

      I would love the Shake Shack though - the menu looks so yummy.

        1. re: scoopG

          i usually go to eisenberg's sandwich shop...on 5th ave and 22nd street. old school nyc shop with great cherry lime rickeys, egg and tuna salad sandwiches.

          1. re: sam1

            I like Eisenberg, esp. the BLT and eggcreams, but skip the Eisenburger.

            1. re: a_and_w

              Only been to Eisenberg's once. The BLT I had was horrible, and the egg cream was mediocre.

          2. re: scoopG

            Just wanted to mention that Molly's burgers and Shake Shack's are two totally different styles -- Molly's are thick while SS's are small.

          3. re: Mintycake


            If you want to avoid the insanely long lines at Shake Shack, your best bet is to go on Saturday or Sunday morning. Be there a few minutes before they open at 11 a.m., and there should be either no line to speak of or a very short one.

            1. re: RGR

              Yes, go right at opening time as RGR says. In the meantime Mintycake, you can get a good idea of the lines anytime with their Shake Shack video camera:


              1. re: scoopG

                Thanks! we're actually planning on hitting it on a Monday at 4pm for an early dinner....hopefully that works out.

                1. re: Mintycake

                  Long lines today at 3:47 p.m. on their web cam! Miss Needle is correct in the difference between Molly's and the Shake Shack. One Molly's cheeseburger will fill me up for the day, whereas it would take 2-3 from the SS.

                  1. re: scoopG

                    i was walking through madison sq park about an hour before that, and couldn't believe how long the line was.

                    here's my question: who has that much time for lunch? doesn't anyone work anymore? the people waiting in line can't ALL be tourists.

                2. re: scoopG

                  I looked at the webcam at noon and I wouldn't wait in a line that long for a hamburger even if Angelina Jolie gave me a kiss with my fries!

              2. re: Mintycake

                The best time to go is at 11 am when they open,

            2. I went Friday and had the shortest line ever, waited 5 minutes to order and 10 minutes for the food. I tried a dog for the first time, the flat top, and though it was good I think I'll stick with the burgers. maybe next time I'll try the Chicago Dog with the works.

              One point of interest, the shake I got (black & white of course) was larger than usual. Maybe it was that day only, but has anyone else witnessed an increase in the size of their shakes?

              1. It's a good burger but not even remotely worth an hour wait. There are so many good burger places in the city - you could travel to almost any of them and back in that time period. I work 2 blocks from the park and still virtually never go there, and I love burgers. Corner Bistro is where it's at!

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                1. re: joeyz

                  I agree - try Fanelli, Blue#9, Lucky Burger, Island Burger .... the options are boundless.

                  1. re: dwaves

                    a couple of notes...shake shack is fast food...not a regular burger...also, corner bistro is on serious decline lately...particularly at peak hours.

                    it was a beautiful sunday outside with the ladyfriend. you make the most of it and we enjoyed ourselves. everyone on line were nice.

                    but yeah, im only going at quieter times going forward.

                    1. re: sam1

                      Shake Shack is fast food?

                      When I think fast food, Burger King and Macdonalds comes to mind. I don't think that any of those come close to the quality and flavor that Shake Shack provides.

                      1. re: RCC

                        LA style fast n out, fat burger...better quality food...not the sludge they pour out and call burgers at burger king.

                        1. re: sam1

                          I've had In n Out many times and I liked it (we used to be Marin county resident) and I agree that it is fast food. However, I still maintain SS to be better.

                        2. re: RCC

                          I agree, RCC. The Shake Shack's burger is far, far superior to what one gets at fast food places like Mickey D's and B.K.

                          Also, in addition to the high quality of the food, part of what makes going to the Shake Shack so appealing to me is the opportunity to enjoy it in a lovely park setting.

                          That said, afaic, there's no burger anywhere that's worth waiting on such insanely long lines for.

                          1. re: RGR

                            Corner Bistro is nowhere near Shake Shack in terms of quality. Shake Shack is a thin burger, best in the city. It's hard to compare it to the biger 8oz+ burgers. My favorite big burger is Market Table.

                            1. re: ginsbera

                              I would agree that Corner Bistro is nowhere near Shake Shack in terms of quality, in that Corner Bistro's is so much better.

                              1. re: joeyz

                                Yeah, love when corner bistro serves those pre-cooked burgers reheated till they are nice and dry.

                                1. re: ESNY

                                  Well, for the record I almost never go there during the early evening or traditional lunch hours but I have no idea how you have ever ended up with a dry burger there. I get mine medium rare (even rare a few times) and it is indescribably juicy and delicious. If anything you could complain that it's so juicy that it falls apart and is hard to manage (a price I will gladly pay). It doesn't need "seasoning" - it has the burger goodness of the meat, cheese, raw onions, pickles, delicious bacon and (thankfully) no "secret sauce" for me to request my burger devoid of. Perfect.

                                2. re: joeyz

                                  Please. Corner Bistro went downhill years ago.

                                  1. re: a_and_w

                                    I don't think Corner Bistro really went downhil all that much, its just that the competition has risen so dramatically in the last few year....shack shack, burger joint, royale, blt burger, etc etc....when corner bistro is super busy their burgers suck, always have...

                                  2. re: joeyz

                                    Corner Bistro under seasons and pre-heats burgers, it's a known fact. I surely won't wait more than 30min for a burger at Shake Shack, but it is much better.

                                    1. re: ginsbera

                                      corner bistro can still bring 1am on a tuesday night.

                                      but all other times ive been there in the last 2 years, its been dry and underseasoned.

                                      1. re: sam1

                                        nothing beats either the late night shenanigans crammed into a back booth, dark mcsorleys constantly; or, the lazy sunday afternoon staked out at the bar, shootin the shit and just general chilling

                              2. re: RCC

                                The only reason Shake Shack isn't fast food is because the line takes an hour. I recently had a very bad burger from them. A whopper would have been superior. The shakes are definitely great, but an hour wait? Eff that.

                              3. re: sam1

                                "a couple of notes...shake shack is fast food...not a regular burger"

                                If you waited for one hour, it's sure not "fast food."

                                1. re: Bob Martinez

                                  Well, one cannot dispute that fact! I only go at 11 am on weekends and enjoy my little Shake Shack lunch, with no or little line. But you make a good point!

                          2. Bottom line is that the wait blows, but the burgers are very tasty- are they worth 1 hr on standing in line listening to inane conversations by fellow customers, no you just have to get your burger fix at odd hours.

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                            1. re: marye

                              can you skip the line if you're just getting a Concrete? I heard something about a "B" line?

                              1. re: Mintycake

                                I think the B line is only drinks, which does not (or did not as of last year) include shakes.

                                1. re: ESNY

                                  b line includes everything but fries, burgers and dogs I believe. So yes, you can get your shake there.

                                  1. re: ginsbera

                                    Definitely no shakes on the b-line. It's concretes, custards and t-shirts only.

                                    1. re: oolah

                                      B line is open for business, by the way. I used it last Friday.

                            2. Wed, April 30th, 11:25AM - no line
                              Wed, April 30th, 11:55AM - 20 people on line
                              Mon, May 5th, 11:15AM - no line

                              You will also find reduced lines at 4:00PM