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May 5, 2008 02:49 AM

Richmond - Verbena's 2nd chance

After a bad experience at the V-Lounge a couple weeks ago, I'm happy to say dinner was much better on Friday night. The foie gras BLT was one of the best dishes I've ever eaten anywhere. There were 4 of us, each having an appetizer and entree and there was not a dud among the 8 dishes (I got to taste them all!) The service was very good - professional yet friendly, knowledgeable, and not too instrusive. They had our reservation time for later than it was, but sat us on time anyway - and it was packed. For what it is, I find the prices pretty reasonable. We'll be going back - no complaints.

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  1. Glad to hear this as we are planning to go there Thursday night for dinner with daughter and probably her boyfriend or her roommate.

    1. We went with our daughter and boyfriend to Verbena last night and had a great meal. Dh and I got there early and had a drink upstairs...nice bartenders, generous pour, etc. Our table was ready at our reservation time and the place was packed. We had the mussels for an appetizer, Dh had the lamb appetizer and vegetable ravioli for his meal, Daughter had the steak, boyfriend had the salmon and I had the trout special. Everything was very good and the service was solid also. Definitely a new great addition to the Richmond Fan restaurant scene.

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        Happy to hear that! Thanks for posting. I wish them much success.

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          I went to Verbena for brunch today and was VERY disappointed, My waffle was soggy, cold, and clearly made from a mix. The menu said it came with toasted walnuts, there were none on my plate. The waitress looked surprised (and annoyed) when I politely inquired about them. (She eventually brought a small plate of cold walnuts to the table). The ciabatta bread and the lettuce on my husband's BLT were also a little stale. .

      2. Had a rather weird time in this nice looking restaurant. The renovations are nice but the place feels rather stark. A couple o' weekends ago me and the girlfriend had a progressive dinner at several different places, we went to verbana for the entree portion of our night. We sat upstairs and had some wine. (I must say the wine selection and prices are good)
        We looked at the menus and decided on the duck entree and the crabcakes too. The time was 945 pm and a gentlemen (manager maybe? someone who wanted to be off work??) had popped behind the bar to see if anymore food was to be ordered from the upstairs. We ordered but decided to keep the menus to further ponder over the offerings....Several minutes later he popped back up and said rather loudly to the bartender that "those people need to order now!" The bartender exclaimed that everyone had ordered already and the manager guy told the bartender that he needed to take our menus away. I'm sorry, i considered this manager guy to be rather rude, both to his employee and to us who were sitting 5 feet away!
        Next the food comes, my duck was overcooked. I ordered medrare and it came out well done, in additon the baby bok choy did not appear to be cooked at all. The sweet potato hash hiding underneath the duck was a tiny tiny portion. Worst of all everything was so overseasoned with cracked black pepper! (and i like a steak au poive!) The misses at this point pushes her crabcakes round her plate and says it was no better than she could've gotten in a family seafood restaurant....I thought these guys in the kitchen were formerly of dogwood grille, which had the best crabcakes in town? I was later told it was just the kitchen staff from dogwood, and not the head chef- he had moved on to other ventures.... It just goes to show how a staff of seus chefs cannot perform with out a talented leader....silly for them to use the dogwood name in their advertisements and interviews when they fail in comparison.....
        Well as for the food, i wont be back,... I may go back for a drink in the louge upstairs though.....