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May 5, 2008 02:21 AM

Bermuda Restaurants...need some feedback

Here are a few restaurants I have on my list for my trip at the end of the month. Would appreciate any comments good and bad. Thanks!
Pickled Onion
Ponciana Terrace
Barracuda Grill
Hog Penny
Seahorse Grill
Swizzle Inn

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  1. The only guarantee with Bermuda restaurants is that you will certainly pay a lot- and the results are hit or miss no matter how much you spend. I'm an on and off local with family on the island. I would add to your list the Lobster Pot, and go there for the Bermuda fish chowder. Probably the best on the island. Hit Port O' Call on Front Street for dinner, and ask for Fritz's escargot- it's off the menu, but out of this world good. In general, I would skip fish labeled as "local" at any upscale restaurant. They're most likely lying. The only way to guarantee that a fish is local is the catch it yourself, or get it from a fishmonger that you know and trust. Miles Market is reputable and convenient. Check out Cafe Acoreano (Azores) right next to the Hamilton bus station for a Portuguese donut, they're very good first thing in the morning. Their cafe au lait is excellent as well. If you happen to be passing through Smith's on the South Shore, hit North Rock Brewery for a pint of local beer. My personal favorite is the wheat. You can also buy North Rock's beer on the West end of the island (Dockyard) at the Frog and Onion pub. If you're on a bike, consider stopping at the Reef's in Southampton for lunch at Coconuts. They make an OUTSTANDING fish sandwich, and they have a fruity drink called the Gombey with is terrific.

    1. Pickled Onion on the balcony is OK for lunch; never heard of Poinciana Terrace - is that a hotel restaurant? The mojitos and the view at Blu are very good. Hog Penny - pub atmosphere and pub food - haven't been there in a long time but it never seems to change. There are two Swizzle Inns now, the original in Bailey's Bay and the second in Warwick. I'm very fond of the original, even though the food is not spectacular the swizzles are. The original Habourfront is gone, I believe its moved down to the Bda Underwater Exploration Institute. Frescos is good for lunch and dinner. I can't comment on the food in the other places, been too long since I've been to any of them - both Barracuda Grill and Coconuts make me feel a little claustrophobic.

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        If going to the original Swizzle, I recommend just the Swizzle. I found the food mediocre at best. Coconuts at The Reefs is fine but I do not fancy eating the evening meal down there hence why we passed on staying there last month. Hog Penny is best for a brew IMHO. I did not love Lobster Pot at all. We found Island Cuisine had local fish or so they called it, Rockfish. It was ok. I have yet to find amazing food in BDA aside from The Reefs, Cambridge Beaches and a few now closed places. We tried everything in and around St. Georges. PURE YUCK. Dennis's Hideaway was fun and Black Horse Tavern in St. David's was good too.

        1. re: phelana

          remember reading on another forum that Dennis' had closed, as he had died. not sure if there are plans to reopen.

          Cashew City Rd.
          St. George's Parish, Bermuda
          (441) 297-0044

          call first before venturing over there.

      2. I liked BLU - see my review in my thread 'Best trip ever'. If you go, be sure to order the caesar salad. It sounds simple but the presentation put a whol new twist on it and it is delish.

        The Swizzle Inn was fun because the owner is a big supporter of the Chelsea soccer team and they were playing the day we were there. There was a large and enthusiastic crowsd watching the game - which may not be to your liking but my husband loved it. They have a very good fish chowder but the conch fritters I ordered weren't cooked all the way through. The rum swizzles are divine.

        1. That's quite the list you've got there. I'd agree with the others that Swizzle Inn is good for swizzles and that's about it. Be forewarned, it's mighty strong. Barracude will set you back a pretty penny but I find the food is consistently good. Would recommend Ten which has smaller tapas style food and does all meals. Love going in for breakfast there, which Bouchee is also good for. Seahorse is nice and again pricey. Hit and miss though depending on what you order. I'm not terribly fond of Blu as I've found whatever I order disappointing. But friends who order the meat dishes (i.e. steaks, chops, etc) are always happy. Hog Penny and Pickled Onion are pretty standard pub-like food although I love the chicken pot pie at Hog Penny. Port O Call is currently closed for renos.

          1. here's a recap I wrote for a friend visiting for the first time:
            Subject: Bermuda
            > Remember: All Roads Lead to The Swizzle Inn. A must stop for a pitcher
            > of Rum Swizzles on the way to the hotel and on the way back to the
            > airport. Everybody does it; there is no reason not to join in. Swizzle
            > In....Swagger Out. They also serve food, but it's hard to get
            > past the swizzles.
            > We stayed in the town of St. George's. There are 2 beautiful public
            > beaches there with great views. Tobacco Bay beach is great for a
            > sunset picnic. And St. Catherine's is mighty fine for swimming and
            > having yourself some Dark n Stormy's, a refreshing beverage of
            > Gosling's Black Seal rum and Ginger Beer. You'll find yourself calling
            > out for Dark n Stormy's at the oddest times.
            > If you get into St. George's, there is the Wench Dunking on her
            > ducking stool. It is quite funny, and the pageantry is most amusing.
            > And while waiting for the ceremony (complete with human parrot; trust
            > me you'll know what I'm talking about), grab a bite on the balcony of
            > Freddie's Pub located on King's Square. They serve really good Bloody
            > Mary's, which will be the only time you're not drinking rum. Also take
            > time to stroll around quaint St. George's to get a feel for the real
            > Bermuda. The architecture is beautiful. You'll never look at chimneys
            > and white roofs the same again.
            > The best and only way to get around the islands is by moped. Helmets
            > are a must, and no trip would be complete without a road rash.
            > Fortunately I had an ace driver, and I managed to stay off the rum
            > while riding, so I escaped injury.
            > A day trip to St. George's and then on to the St. David's Lighthouse
            > is well worth it. You can grab a couple of curried mussel pies from
            > Reed's on the road leaving St. George's and take them over to
            > Clearwater Beach for lunch and a swim. If you have time, there is a
            > very local joint called the Black Horse Tavern, which makes a mean
            > shark hash and curried conch. And oh yeah, great Dark n Stormy's.
            > Traveling back from the East End of the islands, you'll pass, you
            > guessed it....the Swizzle Inn. No time like the present to get a
            > pitcher of swizzles. They also do a fish chowder; ask for more than a
            > splash of sherry peppers and black rum.
            > You'll get to a fork in the road, take it. Seriously, either road is
            > picturesque. Hopefully you'll have time to travel both sides, as there
            > is much to see.
            > If you venture into Hamilton for dinner, there is a quaint place
            > called Bistro J, where you'll find a great wine by the glass list, one
            > of a few on these rum soaked islands. The food there is outstanding,
            > especially the fresh tuna or salmon.
            > While in Hamilton, you can hop on a ferry on your way to the
            > Dockyards. There are a few restaurants and shops out there, but half
            > the fun is getting there. The ferry is a great way to see the islands.
            > You can take your moped on board, which is an even better way to get
            > around and not back track on yourself if time is pressing on.
            > The road back from the Dockyards is breathtaking. There are many
            > places to stop for a bite and beverage., like the Somerset Country
            > Squire Pub and Restaurant on the waterfront. And there are many
            > beaches along the ride that are worth a squint. Leaving Somerset and
            > entering Southampton, visit the Gibb's Hill Lighthouse. Great pit stop
            > for views of the islands, as well as a quick bite or cuppa tea.
            > All of the beaches on the South Shore are spectacular. At the Elbow
            > Beach Hotel, you can grab a bite at Mickey's. It is only open from May
            > to October, so don't miss it. Or make arrangements for the four course
            > wine and food menu in the sand at Coconuts, in the Reefs Hotel.
            > Well there you have it. Fortunately for us, we have friends who live
            > there (part of the Gosling's Rum family). We were able to take in some
            > deep sea fishing, went hiking through the caves near the Tom Moore
            > Tavern, and were even invited to a black tie and Bermuda shorts party
            > at Sheila Goslings'. Now she make a mean Rum Swizzle. And she's got
            > the rum to back it up.
            > We were there for a week and let no grass grow under our feet. The
            > sand and waters are some of the most bermudaful I have ever seen. The
            > islands are lush and tropical. And don't forget to Swizzle In and
            > Swagger Out on your way back!

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            1. re: edible complex

              Thanks for my morning laugh edible complex! I hope you come back often...

              Can't remember if it was Sheila Gosling or one of the West's who made rum swizzle in one of those old washing machines - the kind with the mangle attached.

              1. re: Athena

                it was Sheila. we were up very late, and our swizzles kept "evaporating".
                the mangle squeezed the fruit going into the tub.