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Peanut butter that has no carbs, is sugar free, calorie free, gluten free and fat free!??!!

Walden Farm's Peanut Spread.

This product scares me a bit.

The website says that this "peanut spread" has no carbs, is sugar free, calorie free, gluten free and, of course, fat free.

So you are basically buying, uh, um, ... air??


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  1. Oh, that sounds a bit scary. I'll bet it's a lot of artificial flavorings and sweetners and water and fluffed up egg whites. The 0 calories is probably per teaspoon or tablespoon or some really small amount as you can legally round down the number of calories, especially as the website says this product contains peanuts. Theoretically, you can't have something with zero calories if it says it contains peanuts. And I can't find a list of ingredients.

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        I don't believe it contains peanuts and it sounds disgusting.

      2. All the Walden Farms products scare me... their whole range is supposedly 'calorie-free' which really makes me wonder what on earth they make it with! Water, chemical flavourings, and vegetable gum? Notice it says 'natural fresh roasted peanut FLAVOUR'...

        1. it sounds like you can get the same amount of flavor while looking at a photo of jimmy carter and george washington carver.

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            And then eat the paper, if you're not looking at them online.

          2. Amazon lists the ingredients. I'm not sure this even qualifies as a food.


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              Five dollars for 12 ounces!

              Natural Fresh Roasted Peanut Flavoring, Natural Peanut Extract, Peanut Flour --- you can't make this stuff up.

              Propolyene Glycolalginate -- I think this was also in the MickieD strawberry shakes I used to enjoy a loooong time ago.

              Funny stuff. I wouldn't give this glop to my dog.

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                Oh wow, did you read the reviews? Here are a couple of exerpts:

                "It resembles in no matter, shape, or form peanut butter. It tastes like candle wax and ink. I am not exaggerating or being harsh. It really is the biggest waste of money I have ever spent. DO NOT BUY THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                "Seriously, this stuff could be used for torture. Like another reviewer on here, I am used to eating things without sugar but this is just horrendous. Unless you are a total masochist, this is something to keep off your grocery list. The only reason it gets one star on here is because there is no minus a million- which it rightfully deserves. You have been warned.... "

                One reviewer did give it 4 stars, though.

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                  Perhaps the 4 star reviewer used it to patch a leaky window.

                  Jeez, this stuff does sound like caulk. Yet another reminder to us all to just eat real food and stop lookin for kooky shortcuts.


              2. The perfect example of diet processed nutritionism.

                1. That is freaking crazy! Ive seen there other stuff and am a bit ashamed to say I tried the marshmallow fluff. It was the fakest tasting stuff Ive ever had. Thankfully, Im off the fake sugar stuff but even if I wasnt off aspartame, etc... I would be scared poopless to try this stuff.

                  Odd that they dont show the ingredients on the site, eh?

                  Please just eat peanut butter. Ive actually had Better N Peanut Butter that is actually quite good, and just uses a different flour- shocked to say I like it. Honestly doesnt taste like peanut butter all that much but is great swirled in ice cream. Anyone ever tried?

                  1. The site gives a calorie breakdown for a "typical" peanut butter and jelly sandwich--made with 6 Tablespoons of peanut butter.

                    I like peanut butter, but I can't imagine make one sandwich with 6 T of the stuff.

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                      6 Ts? That's what, 1/3 cup + 1? hahaha.. that sounds about right :) I love peanut butter -- the natural stuff though, just peanuts and salt.

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                        I'll go you one better - the President's Choice "Just Peanuts" brand lists as its ingredients "100% peanuts", and the label boasts no salt or sugar added. Really tasty, and while it has 8g of fat per tablespoon, only 1g is saturated, and there are no trans fats. Best of all, it's really tasty - the peanut flavour comes through without any masking.

                        1. re: KevinB

                          I heart PC PB. They make almond butter now too.

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                        the 880 calorie tally for a pb&j was pretty scary, though. it makes me wonder just how many Ts I used in my last sandwich...

                      3. this scares me.

                        it seems similar (in taste and texture) to vaseline.

                        1. 'The website says that this "peanut spread" has no carbs, is sugar free, calorie free, gluten free and, of course, fat free.'
                          Haven't tried it - but from the sound of it their description left out out 'flavor free'.

                          1. One thing's for sure: This stuff sure didn't come from a farm. :)

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                              LOL. I agree with whoever said "what's wrong with real food?"!

                            2. Okay, I'll admit I have had it, and still have a jar in the cupboard. No, it is *not* peanut butter... so I don't use it as such. I freeze it, and it's kind of like an ice cream of sorts. It also ain't bad when stirred into plain total yogurt. I know it's pure chemicals, not peanut butter, and sketchy, but it's heads above their marshmallow product. I know lots of people like the caramel, but I find both that and the chocolate also to be ridiculously saccharine.

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                                I have walden farms dressings and syrup in my pantry....for my nephew who has celiac. I am yet to open any of them......I was on a mission to buy as many gluten free products as I could!
                                Walmart's peanut butter is gluten free as are many of their private label products...and they are really good!

                              2. My first thought was this was somehow intended for people with -- tada -- peanut allergies. Which might make some sense, however weird it seems. But obviously not.

                                What possible reason could anyone have for eating this stuff? I like peanut butter as much as any red-blooded American but WTF? Are there seriously that many anorexic, tastebud-impaired, peanut butter addicts with fat wallets out there in the world?

                                If you have a gluten intolerance and can't find a brand willing to label itself gluten-free, you can make it yourself without too much difficulty or buy it - usually at decent prices - in health food stores where they make it in a dedicated machine that I dare say isn't used for grain...

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                                1. re: MikeG

                                  Mike, I totally agree!

                                  I was buying everything I could that said gluten free on it....I wasn't of sound mind that week....I was on a mission!

                                  Obviously my mission was a failure..... my pantry is evidence!