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May 4, 2008 10:29 PM

Pepe's in Montrose

Hey people -

Does anyone have the scoop on the new, relocated Pepe's? I know that they lost their lease in La Canada over a year ago and they have been threatening to open the new place on Honolulu for many months now. I had a lot of irrational affection for the old Pepe's...anyone know when the new one will be ready? They are not answering the phone.


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  1. A few months ago, I was dining at their sister restaurant in Pasadena (Margarita's), and they even had a note taped up by the phone advising that Pepe's would re-open in March (probably to tell people who called). I guess that didn't happen? [btw, I just checked the Margarita's web site, and it still says late March for Pepe's!)

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      I do miss Pepe's but am glad that Margarita's offers the same delicious fish tacos, so I have not been going out of my mind waiting for Pepes to open! Good to know that they are planning on re-opening!

    2. Greetings, all,

      My husband and I ran into Victor this past weekend as he and a couple others were coming out of Pepe's. He said at that time they were hoping to have a "soft opening" either tonight, Tuesday, 5/13/08, or tomorrow night, Wednesday, 5/14/08.

      You might call Margarita's first and double-check--bonne chance!

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      1. re: jperes167

        Just called Pepe's and they answered their phone...which is new. When asked if they were opening today, the gentleman said (with a very tentative tone) "2 days".

        They are torturing me.


        Finally opened last week (circa May14th).
        2272 Honolulu Ave in Montrose, CA is the new location of the former La Canada-Flintridge institution.

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          Yeah...we went last week. I was really disappointed and probably won't be back. The place was way too bright and had none of the warmth of the original. The food was the same, but food was only about 40% of why one went to Pepe's.

          I am coping with the loss and looking for a new Friday night place to call home - preferably with good margaritas, decent food, friendly staff, dim lighting and red booths. Travel radius includes Pasadena, Studio City, West Hollywood and downtown.

          Have tried El Arco Iris, Margaritas, Mijares, Villa Sombrero, El Compadre, Casita del Campo, El Chavo, El Coyote, La Cabanita, Lucy's El Adobe, Malo and La Golondrina - none were the baby bear home of our dreams.

          Any suggestions?

          1. re: scurvy

            Have you tried Mi Casita in Sunland. It looks like a dive but I thought the food was really good. The staff is very friendly family.

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              Mexicali Cantina in Studio City or Senor Fred in Sherman Oaks, just west of the corner of Ventura & Woodman - better food than most of those you have listed. And Senor Fred is dark if interested in that sidebar!!!

              1. re: scurvy

                You need to check out Ernie Jr's in Eagle Rock. Delicious, cheap-o margaritas, and buckets of charm in the decor. Or, if you're ever in the area, Mexicasa in Anaheim. Now that's a gem, totally up your alley.

            2. Heard it just opened this weekend. We're heading there tonight.

              1. Hi all,
                Went to Pepe's for dinner on the 17th. Evidently a lot of people were waiting for this reopening b/c they were packed by 5:30. We (party of 4) were seated after about 10 minutes. Since they don't take reservations, the wait for others arriving later was 25-30 min. We had our old standbys, Top Shelf Margaritas on the rocks, (same as before, thank God!), hard shell carne asada and chicken tacos, and sauteed shrimp tacos. The food tasted exactly the same, with the exception of the shrimp tacos. The shrimp were noticeably smaller and they put less dressing on (probably a good thing.) The chips were a bit stale tasting. The red salsa was the same, but the green salsa was just chopped up tomatillos and onions, whereas it used to be more liquidy. The guac was the same, a bit bland and needing salt. All in all still a fun experience, even if it's no longer dark inside. The prices have gone up too. They were closed for 16 months, I think for permit problems. And we thought about them every weekend of those 16 months!! Seems like they're going to do well. I bet La Cabanita is feeling it (not far away.)