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May 4, 2008 10:21 PM

Sub Wars. Subway went cheap, Quiznos follows.

I try to avoid chains, but sometimes you gotta grab their fare.

Subway was cheap but seemed to get costly. Quiznos was better, but was always more costly. Usually I get a small whatever, so it's not the best value (no leftovers for a second meal). I always feld ripped off buying the drink/chip combo. It seems both places are now offering good deals on footlongs.


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  1. i've only eaten at quiznos a couple of times but i enjoyed what i had. here's the thing about me and subway: i'm not really sure if the quality of the subs has declined since i was little, or if my perspective has just been skewed due to accessibility.

    when i was twelve, they put in a subway and a stewart's hot dogs within five minuets of my house. prior to this, going to subway was something of a treat, as the closest one was nearly half an hour away. i still remember my mum occasionally surprising me after school with a six inch cold cut combo that she, myself, and my little brother would nibble on as a snack.

    since then, i've had numerous subs from subway, and none of them seem that great. has anything changed? i know subway's gotten bigger, and they've moved more into the health conscious market, but i don't know if what's going in my mouth today is different than it was when i was ten.

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      I don't know what in particular has changed besides their discontinuation of the v-cut in the top of the bread. Why they stopped this, I will never understand, as it provided a much less-messy sandwich. That alone set them apart, but no longer. I wouldn't be surprised if they have "cut" other corners along the way.

    2. The only way I patronize either place is when they have a coupon, and only barely then, they are both marginal IMHO

      1. Look, it is easy to knock both Subway and Quizno's. Both are way overhyped with endless TV ads. But don't look a gift horse in the mouth -- the $5 footlong special at Subway which now Quizno's has matched saying they give more meat is a good value if used judiciously.

        My big complaint with Subway is that the beautifully crafted sandwiches in their ads, with the gorgeous slices of meat lovingly folded over to a thick tower of goodness, is nothing like the papered slabs of preformed lunchmeat that the sandwich-makers search for and slap on the bread when actually making your sandwich. The gooey squirts of mustard or mayo from their bottles shot on top are just gross. But Subway's choices of fresh lettuce, onion, pickle, tomato (often green or with the unedible stems cut in), and even the green pepper and pepperoncini make a crisp tasty vegie base. Now that they have the sale, go for the roast beef and turkey and avoid the bologna and mystery meat.

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        1. re: nosh

          i can't help myself. i love that mystery meat. it's the sherlock holmes in me.

          1. re: beelzebozo

            Ive always had a thing for Subway. I don't know what it is but ever since I was a kid I frequented one usually 3 times a month. I think the variety of breads available and the fact of the vast available veggies makes it my pick.

        2. Eww. I tried one of the "new(ly)" priced $5.00 subs at Quiznos this week for lunch. First of all, they offer maybe four choices, Turkey and Cheddar(?), Roast Beef and Cheddar, Tuna Salad, and I-can't-remember-the-other-one.

          I tried the Turkey and Cheddar on Wheat, and it was gross. The turkey part was slimy and wet, as if the time the sammie spent under the crisper ended up steaming the turkey meat. So, the turkey was a big wet mess. I picked it off, and ate the rest of the sub (because I was hungry) and it was just so-so. I won't buy it again.

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          1. re: dothepuyallup

            The 4th $5 large sub they offer is ham and swiss. The rest of the large subs at Quiznos are $7 for the signature subs like the Italian and Traditional, and $9 for the black Angus steak or prime rib. The odd thing is that although they're offering those 4 "Deli Selection" subs for $5, the rest of the subs are still the same price or higher than they were before. And the "black Angus" meat is as pale as the turkey meat, so I question the quality there.
            I just went and had a Sammi Meal Deal with two Sammis, choice of side and a drink for $5.99, a much better deal.

          2. Jimmy John's is much better. When I go shopping in Port Huron, MI( I live in Ontario) I'd sometimes get a quizno's. Never again, I've never really liked a hot sandwich and now that a Jimmy John's has opened, there there is no need for me to ever step foot in quizno's.

            I always have to tell the folks at Subway( there is one in my small town) how to make my sandwich( put the mayo and mustard on the bottom, then cheese, then turkey). When you make a sammy at home, do you put the sauce on top of the lettuce???? I think NOT.

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              The mayo MUST be touching the tomato...but if the lettuce is shredded, then it can also be between the mayo and tomato...a small salad, dressed, if you will...