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May 4, 2008 09:47 PM

30th Birthday Ideas?

Im looking for suggestions for a fun 30th birthday place.
A laid back-fun bar type of atmosphere would be ideal, but someplace that could easily accommodate 20 or so people. Separate room is OK- i just don't want to feel "sectioned off". Maybe even someplace with a really cool beer garden, patio or rooftop? Thinking Northwest side. I'm new to the area & would (greatly) appreciate local input!
Any ideas?! Thanks (so much) in advance!!

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  1. On the Northwest side:
    --Emerald Isle (Northwest Hwy/Edison Park) is a very large pub that could easily accommodate your party, and they have a large beer garden in the back. Laid-back and serves traditional pub food.
    --The Rusty Armadillo (Milwaukee Ave/Norwood Park) is a mexican restaurant/bar, but they just opened a roof top and serve great margaritas. They also have decent appetizers and their fish tacos are pretty good.
    --Mohers (Devon Ave/Edgebrook) is an Irish pub that has a small back area. They don't have a beer garden, but I believe they were trying to get one in this year. They serve an Irish/electic mix of foods. Good burgers-great salads.
    --There is a martini bar in Jeff Park (I forgot the name) close to the El, that is spacious with clubby seats and dance music. Less laid back than the others, but roomy enough for your party.

    1. My brother had his 30th birthday at Alhambra Palace and said it was a good time...

      1. So many of your friends are probably having their 30th birthday parties right now that you want to cut through the clutter of having it at a generic bar, right? I had my 30th birthday party at the Chopping Block cooking school for 15 people. Friends commented what a unique idea it was, and they still talk about it - even nearly a year later!

        Another place I really looked into was having it at was Tizi Melloul in River North. You can hire a belly dancer or henna artist to come in for your party. The atmosphere is very trendy, as well.