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May 4, 2008 09:42 PM

Oba Sushi Izakaya, Pasadena

anyone try Oba Sushi Izakaya in Pasadena yet?

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  1. Went there last night. Menu is a smaller than izakaya places like Honda Ya.

    They seem to do tempura well--favorite item was shiitake mushrooms stuffed with shrimp paste, deep-fried with tempura. Very interesting combination of flavors and textures. Would eat this again.

    Good, not fantastic: Albacore sashimi, nabeyuki ubon

    Jalapenos stuffed with seafood was OK--not as exciting as one would think.

    Stir-fried eggplant with white miso was *inedible*. Way too sweet and salty at the same time.

    In case you pay attention to this sort of thing, the restaurant doesn't seem to be run by Japanese people, though maybe it's just all the wait staff that are not Japanese.

    Unfortunately, even though I live in Pasadena, I wouldn't go back Oba when there are izakayas like Honda Ya or Izayoi in little Tokyo.

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    1. re: brahms

      Thai operated, Mexican head chef, Korean? sushi guy.

      not good. huge portions. do not get the Dynamite. do not get the over battered, over fried (reminds me of a fish taco, dunno why) soft shell crab. do not get the tasteless seaweed salad plated over lettuce.

      hopefully they survive but they won't get my $ again.

    2. What's wrong with a Mexican chef or a Thai owner? I'm Chinese, but born in Vietnam......are you saying I can't cook Vietnamese food cause of my blood. It don't matter what they are as long as they can make good food.

      I thought the sushi was fresh, much better than the frozen stuff from Wokano or A'Float.
      Ask them what specials they have for the day, i think they get fresh fish daily. If you like rolls, I thought the Cajun roll was good cause it had carmelized onions on top. the tempura shitake mushroom was good, and i hate eating mushrooms too:)

      The decor was very soothing, or maybe it was the Hitachino beer and smooth sake i was drinkin that made everything peaceful:)

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      1. re: fishlove

        Mmmmm. Hitachino beer. Do they have the white?

        1. re: teach

          They're out of stock on the white, but have the red. Said they would get it when their supply has it again. I'm guessing you like the white ale, I think it does taste better as well. This is the only place i know that carries Hitachino beer.

      2. Short and sweet: YUM!!

        Went this past Sunday with a group and seated promptly. We sat on the left side of the restaurant facing the bar and big screen plasma (yeah). Service was polite, quick, and attentive.

        All the fish was impeccably fresh and delicious; my favorite was the almost buttery fatty melt in your mouth hamachi toro and the yellowtail collar. I believe Japanese cuisine has 3 basic must, Freshness, Flavor and Order of presentation and Oba sushi easily met all three.

        We ordered an array of items and were blissfully rewarded

        -miso soup
        -sunomono (cucumber salad)
        -yellowtail jalapeno sashimi
        -albacore garlic soy sauce sashimi
        - tempura entree
        - unagi donburi
        - hamachi toro (yum)
        - unagi (could never have too much unagi ; )
        -spicy tuna roll
        -spicy scallop roll
        - Crunchy roll
        -yellowtail collar (nicely grilled, enjoyed every last morsel)

        Cons: There was a mix up in our bill; we were charged $15 for the hamachi toro while menu indicates $13/order. Informed the waitress, she apologized and quickly rectified the problem. Besides that, watching the Lakers lose game 3... :(

        When I don't feel like driving to Sushi-Gen, this place is a good substitute.

        1. This place has become a weekly habit for us. The food is delicious and the service is excellent. I'm not an expert, but I do know what I like.