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May 4, 2008 09:33 PM

Current reviews of Minneapolis sushi?

I know there are a bunch of different sushi threads, but they don't seem to have any new responses so I just thought I'd start another one.

If you had to pick ONE and only one sushi restaurant to go to in the Twin Cities where would you go?

I've only had sushi a handful of times and actually my only sushi meal experience was at Nobu in Las Vegas. A Hawaiian friend of mine told me that he's had sushi all over the world and in his opinion, the sushi at the Las Vegas Nobu is the best he's ever had. I'm sure that's debatable, but sitting there at the sushi bar was one of my favorite dining experiences of my life and the sushi was amazing.

I know I've been spoiled since that was my first real sushi experience, but I'd like to go here in Minneapolis and I'd just like to go to the best place. Price really isn't an issue. I'm just looking for the freshest and best tasting sushi in town. What's the consensus?

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  1. The ONE and only sushi place that chowspouse and I go to almost every week is Koyi, on 4th Street in the warehouse district.

    We've both had sushi all over the world (but not Japan yet... one of these days), and we both think that the fish there is absolutely perfect. Love the hip but laid back ambience, good sake, and trad jazz standards as the foreground music.

    But, it depends on what you're after. As far as hipster scene, it would be Nami. As far as creative items, Origami.

    1. My pick is Origami downtown. This place is a gem and one of the best sushi restaurants between Las Vegas and New York in my opinion.

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        Yeah, I just never seem to hear anything but positive reviews about Origami. Without any suggestions from anybody on this board that's probably where I would go, but that's why I asked. Maybe somebody can change my mind.

        Loren, thanks for your input. To be honest the atmosphere isn't all that important to me. I'm really just looking for the best tasting sushi and that could be out of somebody's garage for all I care. Of course all else being equal I guess I would prefer to go to a nice place rather than a dump. What exactly do you prefer about Koyi? Is it the quality of fish/chefs or is it more of the atmosphere?

        1. re: whoopdido

          Go to Origami, sit at the bar and get omikase. It will be the best sushi experience in town.