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May 4, 2008 09:23 PM

Where's the Beef?

Looking for a good place to take my steak-loving son to celebrate his high school graduation on Boston's North Shore or Southern NH. He isn't the type for an upscale steakhouse, but I would like something a cut about Outback. Is there a happy medium, I wonder? Perhaps something with a little off beat ambiance and great prime rib and T-bones.

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  1. Phoenician Restaurant in Salem, NH has excellent prime rib.

    1. We love the steaks at Texas Roadhouse (you can pick your own from the butcher case). It's in Methuen (almost in Salem NH) on Rt 28. He might love the high energy, dancing waitstaff - but that's a negative for us. I know it's a chain but great steaks at a great price.

      1. There is a place in Saugus Ma. called the Hilltop. It is strictly a Steak house. I will send you the web site. Not sure if this is close to where you need to be, but it might be worth it. ( This is the location ( Hope the site works with the map.