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May 4, 2008 09:02 PM

Berndes Cookware

I am new to the forums, but it seems like a great community here. I am also new in the field of culinary arts, but it is something that I respects and admire immensely. I am moving off to college and getting an apartment and took the plunge on some new cookware and cutlery. I am the type who gets into something, and starts getting geeked out, and has to get really great equipment. (already happened with espresso).
So after doing some research on here as well as other forums, the same names usually come up, All-Clad, Calphalon, Sitram, Demeyere...
Many people scoff at the prices of all clad but I have found a great deal of the mentioned competitors are equally if not more expensive.
After testing out some A/C I was relatively unimpressed with the handle design so I steered away.
I purchased a Stainless Steel Berndes 7.75 Multitop Pot from Ross for $40 as it seemed to be of pretty good quality.
After doing some searching on the internet, hoping to score a decent deal, I came across some pretty large discounts on Berndes saucepans and fry pans, and ended up pulling the trigger. They are all from the tricion series, a 3.5 Quart Saucepan, a 9.5 inch and 11 inch fry pan.

Well, today I used my multipot for the first time to make some pasta, and after I was finished I noticed it has some rust like discoloration on the bottom (was not like this before I used it). I assume this is not normal.
I haven't received my saucepan or frying pans... but this incident has me slightly worried
So I have a couple of questions...
1) Should I be concerned about my multipot's discoloration, if it's purely asthetic I don't really mind.
2) Is all berndes stuff made in China? (my multipot is)
3) Anyone have experience with their stuff, and are they pretty quality and reputable?

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  1. I have recommended Berndes on this board many times and remain a big fan of their cookware. However, my experience has been with their nonstick cookware, which is of a very high quality,made in Germany, and rather expensive.

    I have found their customer service department very helpful in the past. You should try getting in touch with them and hopefully they can resolve any issues.

    1. I never really came across this brand. Just looked them up on the web, the handles look very close to those on All Clad. Are they really that much different?

      I am a solid All Clad fan, still use my original fry pan that I bought on my own when I was 16. I am 38 now, and its in better shape than I am LOL.

      1. I just purchased the same multipot from Ross today for $40. The side panel indicates it should be of high quality, but I didn't find Tricion anywhere on the box and the Article No. 06174 doesn't match the number for the Tricion Multipot in their catalogue although the multipot does look identical. Berndes is designed in Germany and made in China. If you've shopped around, $40 is a steal for an 8 qt. SS thick bottomed pot w/ the steamer & pasta cooker included. I'll write after I use mine and let you know if the bottom discolors--I don't think that that would be unusual due to the heat and if you are happy w/ the performance of the pot, I wouldn't worry, but you could try a SS cleaner. I'll follow up with another reply once I've cooked w/ this one and let you know if it discolors.

        1. I have the fry pans and one saucepan in the nonstick, and love them. Best nonstick I have ever used! I have never used the stainless as I have one large saute pan from All Clad (a gift from my kids), and another less expensive one from Wolfgang Puck (TJ Max). I forgot to say that I do have a number of Tramontina stainless steel pans that I bought online at Walmart, and they are wonderful, for a fraction of the price of All Clad. Tuesday morning has them too, but the price at Walmart is unreal! They are the same pans, as I called the Tramontina company and spoke to a women there.

          1. I have a bit of knowledge about Berndes. The Stainless Steel pieces they carry are made in China and most are sold under the name of Tricion. This is the same basic Stainless as is used in many, many, mid level cookware sets. It is NOT what has made Berndes famous. Berndes has sold Non Stick Aluminum Cookware for eons and it is widely accepted as some of the best available.

            But Berndes was concerned about it's lack of Stainless Steel, Inductible, Cookware so they came forward with this....I don't care for it. and at 399.00 for a set, I'd buy the regular Berndes Signocast everytime.

            But you must know, Stainless Steel Cookware...Be it Farberware, Revere or up to the priciest Viking and Mauviel, It will discolor a bit with too much heat applied to it....That will not affect the cooking properties but if you use medium heat, as you'll not have to worry about discoloration.