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May 4, 2008 08:38 PM

Vegetarian food in Edmonton?

My teenage son and I will be spending the May long weekend in Edmonton. We will be staying downtown close to Grant MacEwan College on 104th Ave., and are looking for some suggestions for good veggie or veg-friendly restaurants. We won't have a car, so they need to be within walking distance. Ethnic is good...especially spicy food. I'd also like to hear about any good quality bakeries and coffee shops in the vicinity :)

Thanks very much.

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  1. Go to Sofra (Turkish cuisine) - on 104th Ave and 106 Street right across from GMac. Only open in the evenings... make a reservation. Not vegetarian, but they have amazing fresh pita and dips, and i will often order the grilled veg platter as my entree. It's an awesome meal...

    1. There is a relatively new vegan restaurant on 116st and 103 or 102ave. I don't know what it is like but looks okay.

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        I think that restaurant is a Hari Krishna learning centre or something. They have strange hours, and "classes" in the restaurant.

        cyberveg, if you don't mind taking the LRT to University, and walking a few blocks, go to Cafe Mosaics on Whyte ave & 108 St. It's 100% vegetarian. There's a nice bakery on Whyte as well, and a farmer's market on Saturday if you don't mind the (pleasant) walk all the way to 103 St.

        Also, I liked the Baraka cafe downtown (Jasper & 101 Street, not too far from Grant MacEwan) but I haven't been there in a few years now.

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          The High Level Streetcar starts operating on the Friday of the long weekend, so you can take it directly to the Farmer's Market and Whyte Avenue from downtown. You can catch it south of Jasper Avenue between 109 & 110 Street; or take the LRT to Grandin Station and catch it just east of the station. Return fare is $4.

      2. If you're willing to walk to Chinatown or take a short cab ride, there is a veg restaurant there.
        10626 97 Street

        Just a warning though, there is a shelter in between Grant Mac and Chinatown so you may not feel comfortable walking past there at night. I personally haven't had any problems with them but you never know.

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          Great! I had a look at their website.. Thanks for the heads up about the location. My son tends to be a bit skittish when it comes to street people, so good to know.

          Thanks to everyone else for their suggestions, too.

        2. I couldn't imagine going to China Town and not hitting up my favorite veg restaurant if your craving vegetarian.

          Oriental Veggie House
          10586 - 100 Street

          As well, you can always swing into Garden Bakery for some delicious treats. It is only a stones throw from OVH.
          Like someone else mentioned the neighborhood can be a little nervous, but my friends and I have never had any problems.

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            I would be careful about the Garden Bakery treats depending on how strict your vegetarianism is. Most of the stuff in the majority of Chinese bakeries are baked with lard.

          2. I second OVH and Padmanadi. Both are excellent.

            Tony's Pizza is a little further to walk, but would be a quick taxi ride away - amazing pasta and NY style pizza, if you're lacto-ovo vegies.