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May 4, 2008 08:35 PM

Best Italian Restaurants for Vegetarians in North End?

Pretty much what the title said. I'm trying to find the best options to please both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, mid priced and with good wine. Thanks!

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  1. Anyone? A couple possibilities I've found are Piccola Venezia and Al Dente. Any thoughts on either of these restaurants? This is for a nice graduation dinner. Thanks!

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      I really love the pasta primavera with homemade pasta at Al Dente (not all the pasta is homemade). I don't remember a particularly extensive wine list, but i do love that primavera and I would call it mid-priced. Fiore doesn't have many veggie options, but I got a gnocchi with marinara dish there that was pretty good. Lucca is a bit better than Fiore in my book as far as selection, but I also think it might not be in the mid-priced category. Either Fiore or Lucca would probably have a better wine list than Al Dente, though I haven't done a side by side comparison.

    2. If your vegetarian friends do dairy including eggs, there aren't many North End Italians that wouldn't do. Options are better if they eat seafood, much more limited for vegans.

      I wouuldn't recommend either of your proposed restaurants. I'd suggest you either search the board for existing North End recommendations, or be more specific in your request. For example, how do you define "mid-priced" and "good wine"?

      1. I second MC Slim. I'm a vegetarian and have no problem eating in the North End. If the online menus don't look veggie-friendly, call and ask about the possibilities. I personally like Lucca, but that might not be mid-range. Maybe a place like Fiore's would suit your needs. A lot of people on this board like La Summa, but I'm not a fan.

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          Thanks for the responses so far. The vegetarians do not eat fish or seafood of any kind and one doesn't eat eggs. In my experience places with multiple veggie dishes on the menu tend to do a better job of it, its not always the case but generally true. I have called a couple places with limited offerings on the menu and have basically gotten the response that they can always do pasta with tomato sauce which is not what I'm looking for.

          Also, forget about the wine part, I'm sure any of these places will have a good enough wine list for the crowd, the veggie selection is far more important. Thanks again for the suggestion I'll check them out.

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            Well, if the non-vegetarians are up for it, there's always Grezzo on Prince Street.

            Vegan, organic, raw preparations.

            Here's my review of it from February:


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              I think Bostonbob3 has got about your only viable option above in Grezzo, as one of your group seems to be pretty much vegan.

              In any event, I wouldn't send a starving person to Piccola Venezia, which in my experience dishes up lousy food. Al Dente is at least reasonably OK, but there are at least 30 other places in the North End that I'd sooner go to.

              1. re: bachslunch

                Unfortunately the non-vegetarians will not go for an all vegetarian restaurant, let alone vegan, this is not an easy task! The non-egg person does eat cheese which usually makes italian not too difficult. That's definitely good to know that both Al Dente and Piccola Venezia are not good options, its so hard to know from a website. I feel like I'm back to square one though! Thanks again, I'll keep looking.

          2. Well, since the non-egg eating vegetarian will eat cheese, you could consider Antico Forno. The brick-oven pizzas and pastas are very good, and they have some veggie options.


            1. Maurizio's, Euno and La Galleria 33 all have at least a few vegetarian apps and more than one veg entree. Vegetarian diners, even those who don't eat eggs, should do just fine at any of these.