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Artistic cakes in Pasadena, please

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I have several birthdays coming up that will require beautiful and delicious cakes to serve 10-12. I've gone to Takes the Cake the last few times and I just don't think the final product has been very sophisticated. I want these cakes to be a "wow." Can anyone help me find a new bakery? I want something more than plain frosting w/fresh flowers on top.

I've used Portos & Federico's for cakes for office parties but I want something more inventive. People have recommended Gelson's but am not sure if I'd be working w/a baker rather than choosing from a book. I love EuroPane for b'fast and I'm sure their cakes are yummy but would the designs be of a SLJ or Rosebud caliber?

I'd love to find something in the Pasadena area (Altadena, Sierra Madre, Glendale ok) as I'll be pressed for time and would love not to drive far. Thanks so much.

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    1. Vanille in San Marino (corner of Huntington Drive & San Gabriel Blvd.) may fit the bill. Their stuff is pretty artsy and are generally delicious, albeit a bit on the pricey end for cakes.


      1. The cakes at EuroPane are in fact tremendous - world-class, actually, with the kind of complex inner textures you'd expect at a Parisan patissiere rather than at a neighborhood baker, many of them with a with deep, deep ganache. Sumi Chang is a student of the art. You do have to order in advance, but it sounds like that's what you're looking for anyway.

        1. Try Europane or Violet's Cakes in Old Pas.

          1. We've liked cakes (wedding and b-day) from Cakery Bakery in LCF.

            Cakery Bakery
            1119 Foothill Blvd, La Canada Flintridge, CA

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              Thanks so much for your advice. I'm having b'fast at EuroPane tomorrow so will check them out and also try Violet's. I looked at Patticakes website and they seem to lean heavily toward fresh flowers on cakes and I'm looking for more detailed decoration. I used Vanille for creme brulee for a party once and that's a good idea. I got the new Martha Stewart wedding cakes book at the library yesterday so there's lots of inspiration in there. Thanks for everyone's help.

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                I love Euro Pane. I have never tried their cakes though. I would also suggest Pastries by Nancy at Lake/Altadena and Aux Delices http://www.auxdelicespasadena.com/ on Colorado Blvd in Old Town. I love the taste of the cakes at Aux Delices. I have used them a number of times, including for my wedding.

            2. There is a bakery next to The Kitchen for Exploring Foods that would knock anyone's socks off--on Colorado just past the bridge, towards Glendale (Pasadena). Can't think of the name. The Kitchen can make anything and everything too. Puts EuroPane to shame.

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                i believe the place was called bee's knees but unfortunately, they are no longer in business. i think the flower candy shop went it's place.

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                  The shop that replaced The Bee's Knees is Little Flower Candy Company http://www.littleflowercandyco.com. I don't know what happened to Bee's Knees but maybe they just closed their store front because they still have a website http://www.beeskneesbakery.com.

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                    I love the Little Flower Candy Company. have you had their addictive Sea Salt Caramels?

              2. I second the rec for VIolet's Cakes.
                Check out their website, lots of pictures. Had the awesome cupcakes last week...

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                  I am going to check out Violets. Their website is beautiful but I think their style is (I hope this makes sense) somewhat "thicker" frosting decoration while I'm looking for more delicate flowers and decoration. I'm probably talking piped-on vs hand-molded. But I'll bring them some pictures. I've got some beautiful Sylvia Weinstock and Martha Stewart books so maybe I'm aiming too high. I was at Europane for b'fast yesterday and asked to see their sample book which they don't have - they want you to bring pictures. But this has all been very helpful. I watched Ace of Cakes tonight and that was inspiring too.