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May 4, 2008 07:23 PM

Decent Steakhouse

Any idea where I can find a decent yet not too pricey steakhouse on Massachusetts North Shore or Southern NH to celebrate my carnivore loving son's high school graduation?

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  1. I'm afraid that not too pricey steakhouses are not viable unless you go with a chain like Outback, Texas Roadhouse, etc.

    1. Thanks!! -- we've tried those -- guess I was hoping for a small step up from that -- maybe a place with a little off beat ambiance to compliment the good food----rather than the traditional upscale steak house --which is totally not my son's style. He just likes really good prime rib and T-Bone w/o a lot of fuss. It may be we are shooting for the moon...

      1. I haven't been to either Gaven's in Middleton or Hardcover in Danvers but I have heard that both offer decent steaks.

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          Gaven's is pricey and no longer worth it in my book. Hardcover, haven't been in years. Have a friend who always goes there for birthdays, etc. If you want pricey go to Pellana in Peabody. Never had a bad meal and they have expanded and have more private space. Some people like Jimmy's Steer House on Rt. 1 in Saugus. As far as not pricey, I have no suggestions. Good luck and congratulations to your son.

        2. Lewis' in Essex Ma on rte 133, very old school, you can get a good size fillet dinner for $17., they also have sirlion and prime rib on the menu. In So. N.H. Common Man in Windham is good. Phonecian in Salem, N.H. is OK. personally, for a reasonable price and good steak, I like Frank's on MASS Ave in Cambridge.

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            I'll second Frank's, and your son & his friends might find it kind of cool to be going into the city for a meal. Just two caveats: one, they don't have any bone-in cuts, at least not on the regular menu, just variations on sirloin, prime rib, and filet mignon; and two, they have a cabaret-type singer in Saturday nights and do (or at least used to do) karaoke on certain other nights, so depending on your son's interest in those (probably low, I'm guessing!) you'd best check with them to find out the schedule.

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              And I'll 3rd Frank's as likely your best option given the price constraints, even though it's in Cambridge, with The Stockyard in Allston (again, not North Shore) a possible alternative. Jimmy's Steer House and Hilltop, two analogous North Shore spots are pretty mediocre at best.

          2. It is not exactly on the shore, but the Gibbet Hill Grill in Groton may fit the bill. They have good states, a very nice and different atmosphere (updated barn) and decent beef. IMO, it would be a great place to celebrate a gradution.


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              I agree with Gibbet Hill- I had a great meal there last winter- and its a beautiful setting!