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May 4, 2008 07:21 PM


Please comment or review these choices

Monsieur Vuong

Need help in picking 4 nights. Two of these nights will be spent with 2 other couples.

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  1. If I may narrow it down to the places I have actually *been to* AND can recommend --

    Margaux, hands down the best place on your list. Also the most expensive one, but so totally worth it! It is creative, delicious, and memorable --- not something I can say about

    - Hartmanns, where, admittedly, I've only been once a few months after they had opened, and was kind of disappointed. The chef had been pimped as the next big thing, but frankly, I wasn't impressed. A foie gras dish was swimming in fat. That was just gross.

    HORVATH is another place I can recommend -- very good food, nice atmosphere, good service...

    Schneeweiss is a pretty good deal -- decent food, somewhat overly large portions, and a neat vibe.

    However, the last couple times I went there was always something wrong -- risotto underdone, or meat cooked perfectly, but with a bunch of tendons and gristle. I suppose for what you end up spending, it's definitely worth a go.

    Schwarzenraben is closed, as far as I know, you may want to check their website again.

    Monsieur Vuong is totally worth it: cheap, super-fresh and tasty ingredients, and a bustling atmosphere. The place is rather busy most of the afternoon/evening, so either go early (say, 6-ish) or later, around 9 pm, when things have chilled out a bit. In any event, you might feel a bit rushed as they have a very fast turnover. So it's not a hang-out place.

    Hope this helps.

    1. I have heard (from clients of mine) that Margaux and Vau were both totally worth it (expensive, haven't been there myself). However, in one case (out of several), they were not much foodies or eaters (and felt it was too much food for their fixed menu), and I think that despite sleeping at the nearby Adlon, they should have tried somewhere simpler.

      Monsieur Vuong is excellent and is a favourite of mine. It is Vietnamese food, cheap and no thrills or frills, so don't expect anything else. And it is cheap, which is why I can contribute my opinion for a change ;-)

      1. I know I'm a bit late to the game here, but Schwarenraben has been closed for quite a while, and wasn't that great to begin with. Horvath- I look at the menu every time I walk by and nothing ever looks appealing, and the times I've gone in the room smelled like the interior of a Baker's Square or Marie Callenders or something, so I've just left. I really liked Hartmans, and would recommend it to anyone. Voung is really yummy and hip and in a good location, but if you're in Kreuzberg, I think Hoai Nam is just as good. Can't speak for the others, except to say that I've recently been to E.T.A. Hoffman's for the first time and loved it. Everything was perfect. Everything.