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May 4, 2008 07:09 PM


Does anyone in the Philly or greater Philly area (preferrably Chester County) know where I might find mini brioche rolls? I am catering my wife's annual Mother's Day Tea, and I need 'em for this Sunday. If I can't find them, I'll have to make them, which I don't mind doing. And if that's the case, are they difficult to make? Any advice? Do's or don'ts? Much appreciated.

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  1. Sorry this is not in PA, but I believe this baker will make anything you want. Perhaps you can arrange to pick them up at the farmers market in Philly. Anyway, Versailles Bakery is an excellent baker and might be worth making a call to inquire about your rolls. (link below)
    Sorry, I am not a baker at all, so no advice on making them yourself. Perhaps you can post on the recipe forum; people are very helpful there.

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      I was at the Headhouse Square farmer's market yesterday and Versailles Bakery was one of the vendors there.

    2. Metropolitan bakery has them sometimes. They would likely take an order for them.

      1. Ina Garten has a really good recipe on the foodnetwork website. She uses them alot on her show and people write in all the time looking for them. I have not tried the recipe yet but want too when I get some time. She claims they are pretty easy to make.

        Good luck. I love Brioche rolls and wanted them to make my own mini sandwhiches.

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          I did a test run of Ina's recipe, and ... as always ... she's spot on. They came out awesome. Did them in muffin tins. Thanks for the tip, and DO make these yourself, they're worth the time.

        2. Truffled Egg Toast. You have to serve this. Sorry, I've been craving truffled egg for days now. Tria Cafe has this on their menu. They make it with brioche...

          1. Classic Diner in Frazer has great brioche sliced bread. You can call them to see if you can get the mini rolls.