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May 4, 2008 07:06 PM

Maui Vacation

We are heading to Hawaii for the first time in a few weeks (so excited!) Can anyone recommend places to eat? We are open to anything! Thanks! Oh - we will be staying in Maui!

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  1. i am also heading to maui at the end of the month. we're staying in wailea and will have a car. so far, these are our dining choices.

    roy's (we have a gift card so why not have a good meal for free)
    aloha mixed plate
    pacific o
    hula grill
    da kitchen

    many folks will say:
    lahaina grill
    mama's fish house
    probably about a hundred more

    1. Going back too many years to be really relevant, but we really enjoyed:
      Pacific O
      David Paul's Lahiana Grill
      Chez Paul's
      Bev Gannon's Hali`imaile General Store

      Really dissappointed:
      Anui-nui Room (Ritz Carlton, but gone now)


      PS there have been some really good reviews on this board recently - choose "search this board" for "Maui." I've been watching these, as we are heading back to Maui after five years of going elsewhere. It seems that there are some really good spots that will be new to me.

      1. where in Maui are you staying?

        We just got back from our 3rd trip. Aloha mixed plate is always good, but my GF though Da Kitchen wasn't too great anymore. Sansei is also very good.

        For fancier dinners we first went to Humuhumu(etc) in the Grand Wailea. That was our second time, and we loved it. The current chef has a slight slant toward Thai style and is very creative. I had an outstanding lemon grass/coconut milk sauce with my fish.
        We finally checked out Mama's Fish House and were pretty happy with it.
        Great view, great service, great food. Excellent wine list with a great price range.
        Both places will set you back $30-45 a plate for entrees.

        If you like craft beer be sure to check out Maui Brewing company up in Kahana.

        We were in Lahaina and wanted to avoid the chain restaurants so we checked out this place next to Kimo's called MaiTai Lounge (or something like that). You can sit right on the edge of the deck on the water which is great for sunset. Tables at the place next door can get hit with waves but not the Mai Thai place. However, the experience was hit/miss. I ordered a Mai Tai and I SWEAR they completely forgot to put the rum in. If they didn't it was terrible, and if you name your place after a Mai Tai you better be able to make one! The menu was interesting and our entrees were pretty good but something is up because they were out of a lot of things from wine to food to having no desserts.

        Oh, if you like Goat Cheese make a trek out to the Surfing Goat farm where they make goat cheese. They have some great goat cheese and offer tours. Call ahead for the schedule that day.

        Have fun!

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          Thanks for all of the suggestions - I forget the exact name of the town we are staying - I think it is something like Kalei? These sound like great suggestions though! Thanks again!

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            Too bad about your Mai Tai disappointment - my DH swears that Kimo's makes the best ones... FWIW

          2. We love Maui and hope you will too. Our favorites by far are Mama's Fish House and Hali'imaile General Store. Many people like Sansei but I really think they are over-rated. Plate lunch is always good, and I hear they're opening a Zippy's(only on Oahu, a plate lunch restaurant) in Kahului, near the airport, this year. If it's open, you have to try it- it's a Hawaii tradition! Have fun!

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              Thanks for the recommendations! We just got back and had a great time! We went to:
              Aloha Mixed Plate - good traditional food, but I would not go out of my way to go back
              Marco's - diner like, but GREAT breakfast food
              Paia Fish Market - Probably my favorite meal of the trip - great fish tacos
              Maui Brewing Company - interesting beer, loved the coconut porter and IPA, good pub food
              Sansei - GREAT sushi, very different rolls - we had an ahi roll with spinach and arugula that had panko on the outside and was quickly panfried - AWESOME
              Four Seasons - Great drinks with fresh juices (I had a kiwi martini), and we ordered a few appetizers that were delicous, but tiny and very overpriced (but what do you expect at the Four Seasons?)
              Gazebo - great outdoor spot - we had a great casual lunch there and I heard the breakfast there is amazing
              I cant wait to go back and try some of the other places I didnt get a chance to go to.