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May 4, 2008 06:59 PM

Hungarian Food Festival in Northridge

I just got back from the "Hungarian Food Festival" at a church in Northridge off Wilbur.

What a great time, it was a $5.00 cover and each dish was $5.00 as well.

We had a nice group with us so we just bought a bunch of stuff and shared.

-Stuffed Cabbage-3 big ones included

-Hungarian Spicy Sausage

-this hungarian like pork chop

-tons of desserts
the most interesting dessert was this almost like a hungarian hot pretzel yet shaped like a long tube and hollow with nuts on top & sugar, the process to make this took a long time yet so so good.

Did anybody else attend this today?

Good times,


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  1. Sorry I missed this festival ! The sweet Hungarian pretzel sounds similiar to a tubular pastry I had in Prague last summer called staročeské trdlo and what the poster in this thread wrote about at Zoltan's Transylvania Bakery: