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May 4, 2008 06:50 PM

Chocolate pecan pie in Toronto

Hi there ... I'm looking for bakeries or supermarkets that sell chocolate pecan pie (with a chocolate crust). I had some in Montreal, and had a delicious rendition at Kalendar on College Street, but was wondering where I can buy one to have at home. Thanks!

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  1. Try Phipps on Eglinton (west of Avenue). They make fabulous pecan pies/tarts, including chocolate ones. I'm not positive that the crust is chocolate but, even if it isn't, I think Phipps is worth a try.

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      The crusts are chocolate for the tarts at least. (Phipps does great pecan pies.)

    2. Sweet Indulgence at O'Connor and Coxwell has Chocolate Pecan Tarts. Not sure about the crust, but give them a call. They have amazing pastries, check their website.
      Sorry I'm a newbie and not having much success adding a link. I'll figure it out eventually.

      1. The Marche on Front St., now called Richtree I guess, actually has a PHENOMINAL chocolate pecan pie. It’s more like a cake actually, shaped like a pie, so if you are looking something strictly traditional it might not be what you are looking for. That said it is truly delicious, with an insanely good shortbread crust (not a chocolate crust though, no). I always make it my dessert when I visit that Marche. Whole pies are packaged for take-out too, as I recall.

        Phipps does have decent pecan butter tarts with a chocolate crust, as torontofoodiegirl posted. Along with their rugelach it’s among the few desserts I actually like at Phipps. The tarts aren’t mindblowing, but they are solid.

        1. Thank you for the recommendations, everyone! I'll try to remember to report back once I scope them out. If anyone comes up with more names, I'd be happy to hear them.

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            Pusateri's has one which is quite good.

          2. Gay Couillard at the Vienna Home Bakery on Queen made the best chocolate pecan pie I've ever tasted. I've been awaiting her quasi-promised cookbook since the day she closed, but it seems to be a non starter. My chocolate pecan pie partner to Ebinger's blackout cake. Rats.