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May 4, 2008 06:36 PM

ISO Coney Island Hot Dogs - In/Near Bloomfield Hills

I'm off to see my inlaws this week in Bloomfield Hills and want to see if there are any good Coney Island places (not the chains) in or near BH. I know that there are good ones, I've heard the best, in/closer to Detroit; one of W Lafayette, I believe. I'm happy to make the drive, but was hoping for something closer in.

Thanks much for any suggestions.

Cocinero Cubano

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  1. Well...coneys are about the one exception to my "no chain restaurant" policy. I like National and Kerby's when I need that coney fix.

    1. How about Leo's on Old Woodward in downtown Birmingham? Coneys, also souvlaki for those who prefer it, and a great chance to watch the young, beautiful, and haughty.

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        That particular Leo's is no more. It is now called Greek Boys, a similar restaurant, but new owners and their own style of food. I happen to like Greek Boys better than I ever liked Leo's, but I have yet to try the coney's.

      2. Athens Coney Island on Woodward avenuejust south of 14 mile road. I think they are the best outside of downtown!

        1. There is also a Leo's on Maple and Telegraph in Bloomfield Hills. It is pretty good and quick.

          It might be worth the drive downtown to Lafayette Coney Island downtown. It is a true Detroit experience.

          1. CC, At non rush hour it's only a 20 minute drive, door to door to Lafayette. Worth the drive. Darling daughter has been a waitress at several Leo's, and despite my love and loyalty to her, the places suck. Athens on Woodward is an OK substitute for downtown, if just for the cool diner building. All coneys are not alike! Go for the real deal.