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May 4, 2008 06:30 PM

need first date wine bar rec...

I have a date coming up on Wednesday and I was given the task of choosing a place to go. We both LOVE wine, especially red, so we agreed that a wine bar would be fun.

I'm looking for a wine bar on the UWS, preferably between Broadway and Columbus, and between 105th/79th, if possible. Nothing too pretentious or pricey, and someplace where we can hear each other talk (live music is ok if it's nothing TOO crazy loud) and enjoy each other's company.

Any suggestions would be welcomed...

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  1. im not in yr area and its not totally in yr parameters but i enjoyed bin 71 for drinks and light snacks...can be a bit cramped though.

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    1. re: sam1

      thanks for the rec, i'll look into it...

      i should add that we don't have to stay completely within those locations - that area would just work the easiest for us...

    2. Inside Bin 71 is pretty loud, but you can sort of escape it by sitting in the outdoor area. Otherwise Riposo 72 is nearby and tends towards the quieter side. Wine and Roses is usually packed to the point where I find it obnoxious.

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        riposo 72 sounds pretty good...

        keep the suggestions coming!

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          Oh I love Riposo on 43 and 9th. But I also love love love Etats Unis. They have the restaurant on one side of the street and the bar directly accross it. The bar is tiny though. Hard to get into, so get there early. Etats Unis is on the east side though on 81st between 2 and 3rd. Food is pretty spectacular too and their wine list is hard to beat. Another romantic favorite of mine is a little unusual to some but this new South African restuarant opened a couple months ago on 51st between 8 and 9th. VERY romantic and great wine

          1. re: suzaan

            thanks for the suggestions. i've been to etats unis since i used to live on 82nd/3rd. plus, we're trying to avoid going across town since we'll both be on the west side. so keep the suggestions coming...

            question - a friend recommended prohibition. how is the 'date' atmosphere there?

            1. re: bosox

              Is this an internet "first" date? If so, I would not recommend prohibition.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. We very much like Buceo (95th between Amsterdam & Bway). (If you are interested, here is my review .) In short, we think the food is quite pricey for what you get (with the exception of the cheese plate). But we think the wines are pretty gently priced and they have a good selection. The atmosphere is quite relaxed and friendly and, in our experience, it's not too loud. Now that the warm weather is here, the floor-to-ceiling windows-doors are open.

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          1. I just went to a South African Wine Bar called Xai-Xai which is on 51st between 8th and 9th. The atmosphere was wonderful (even though the place is a little small) The South African Wines were excellent too- definately a great little date place. They are going to open up the outside seating area soon... (The appetizers are just ok- I am from South Africa and the food was not really "stereotypical" SA cuisine- but the wine is definately well represented!)