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May 4, 2008 05:57 PM

Best Praline Available in French Quarter?

I'm an out of town hound, looking for the best Praline I can get but I'm limited to the French Quarter/convention center area because I'm here on business. Any recommendations from local hounds?

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  1. I really love all the candies at Southern Candymakers. The chocolate covered dried fruits are excellent, and the pralines are delicious. Not grainy and generous with pecans.

    Here's a link:

    1. I just got back from NO and tried pralines at Southern Candymakers, Leah's, Laura's, Loretta's and Aunt Sally's. The only ones I finished were the rum pralines from Southern Candymakers, the triple chocolate from Aunt Sally's, and the (regular) pralines from Laura's -- these are a bit different, a bit crunchy/crystallized and very thin with finely chopped pecans. The chocolate from Laura's had a soapy taste, though. Ick.

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        I'm a tourist - unfortunately I have not been back "home" to New Orleans since Katrina (that will change this year) I like the pralines from the New Orleans School of Cooking or the "Praline Man" if he is still around - hangs out on Canal near St. Charles - wears a Panama hat, works out of his van.

      2. Definitely go for Southern Candymaker's. Mmmmmm, so creamy and good.

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          I'll third Southern Candymakers. I just returned from NOLA with a few pounds of assorted pralines in tow along with some of the best turtles I've ever had.