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May 4, 2008 05:36 PM

Crudobar at Breadbar?

Has anyone checked this out yet? Very curious!!

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  1. Indeed. Thanks for posting this! If anyone's been already, please post your thoughts, thanks.

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      1. went on the first day may 1st. it's been really under-advertised by BREADBAR.

        have eaten with nori at RESTAURANT VII & TETSUYA in sydney. also at ASIATE, so we were excited. all the crudo was more than terrific...went omakase. don't think you would get anything like it at NOBU. quality excellent. chefs assisting were from the MANDARIN ORIENTAL & a guy that worked with him @ TETSUYA. we've eaten lots of sashimi and had never had a type of giant mussel he served us on the most beautiful shell. only one dish was disappointing. but it was the first night, and i think they were getting used to the kitchen etc.

        for the record, out of four of us, three of us loved it and would go back, one thought it lacked the pow factor. the flavors are subtle.

        we're going twice before he leaves on May 15th. get there while you can. it's a rare opportunity.

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            $85 for 7 courses (including dessert). There is also an a la carte menu with most items at $13.50 or $14.50 and some higher (monkfish liver is $17.50) and some lower (slider mentioned above is only $5.50). Definitely worth trying, though not all the dishes worked for me--loved the crab guacamole (but not its preserved lemon sauce), the scallop sashimi and the hamachi, the tuna tartar was fine, but I found the salmon disappointing. Nice amuse of salmon croquettes though. Oh and they are offering a small selection of nice sake, as well as both Hitachino White Nest and Red Rice, to better complement the food. Note that his last day is actually the 14th as he is booked to fly out the 15th--the website needs to be updated.

            1. re: New Trial

              ours was $70 first night. we loved the preserved lemon and the puréed nori. thanks for the update on his departure date.

        1. Had an incredible dinner here yesterday evening. Wonderful, fresh, creative seafood. Lots of highlights: the immaculate shima aji with candy radish, hearts of palm and marcona almonds; quinoa-crusted scallops with a hearty ratatouille and cocao bean salad; an incredible black cod slider - so simple yet better and juicier than any burger I've eaten recently; and, best of all, a funky, briny (in a good way) sweet shrimp with yuba tofu, dashi jelly and potato noodles that tasted like it had just come out of the ocean. Decent wine and sake accompaniments, although given the nature of the menu they tend toward the light and fruity (too much so for my tastes). Tab was $160 for 2 after tax, tip, and about five sets of 2oz tastes. Not bad at all.

          It was meant to be Nori's last night, but when we talked to him at the end of the meal, he said he might be staying on for a while, and the crudo menu will probably be extended. Probably best to call and check, but I would highly recommend running to this while it's still available. I know I'll probably screamed at for this, but it kicked the pants out of my last Providence tasting menu experience, and was about half the price.

          1. From Eater LA: Due to popular demand, guest chef Noriuki Sugie has extended his stay at the Century City Breadbar until July 31.