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May 4, 2008 04:28 PM

Where would you take your parents to lunch near USC?

Consider that it's Thursday lunchtime and you have 7 guests not likely to desire great hole-in-the wall ethnic food or head lightening cocktails. Oh, and it should be reasonable, not necessarily a chowhound money-is-no-object destination.

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    1. Not sure if it's too pricey, but I would consider Roy's.

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        Good suggestion. What is Cafe Pinot by the library like for lunch?


        1. re: Servorg

          Nice. The food is good, but more noteworthy is the nice outdoor patio. It is fairly expensive, however; I'd guess $20 or more an entree, I forget. I'd second Roy's, but it's probably not much cheaper. Actually Patina is pretty affordable for lunch (it's in the ballpark of Pinot and Roy's), so i see no reason not to throw it into the mix. IIRC they have a $25 pp "Business Person's" lunch.

          Those three would be my choices--probably my favorite non-ethnic restaurants in greater downtown. Go cheaper and I think there's a big dropoff (though Pete's is pretty good, maybe filling in that void). Water Grill is good but super-expensive. Engine Co. No. 28 is another option that I forget about, probably because I've had fine but forgettable experiences there.

      2. pete's cafe & bar

        reasonably priced; food is quite good; menu good for everyone; gets you into downtown with some nice sightseeing.