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May 4, 2008 04:19 PM

Where to shop for groceries in Hoboken?

We are moving from Manhattan to Hoboken and are trying to figure out where to do our grocery shopping. There are lots of small specialty shops that look promising, but what are the good options for the larger-scale grocery run? We have benefited from living right near Fairway, and are worried that we're going to miss it terribly.

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  1. Shop-Rite on 9th and Madison

    1. Shop Rite is pretty good, except for bread, and organic produce, but they've improved the selection recently. There's a Target in Jersey City to watch for sales on some brand name groceries, like breakfast cereal. Combined with regular runs to the Wholefoods and Trader Joe's in Edgewater, those cover the bases for me.
      There's a Tuesday Farmer's Market that sets up near Newark on Washington that should be starting up soon. Best to go after 4pm or so, as they open at 3, and there's a rush of anxiously waiting shoppers stampeding the tables at opening.

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        There is also a Morton-Williams in Jersey City in the Newport area. I think it's owned by Shop-Rite because they also sell their brand. Morton Williams also has a very large section of Asian and Indian products including meat. Also not too far, you have Target, BJ's, and A&P. By Exchange Place, they have a small Amish farmers market on Wed, I'm not sure if it's there in the winter though. All are accessible by light rail and PATH if you don't have a car. I also know some condo complexes have shuttle buses to Target & Shop-Rite.

      2. There are basically three grocery stores, the Shoprite, the A&P and Garden of Eden.
        I tend to drive to Jersey City to shop at the A&P there as it is much better than the A&P in Hoboken. The A&P in Hoboken is always out of stuff, especially the sale items. The Shoprite isn't bad. For meat I tend to support the local butchers, specifically Truglio's at 10th and Park. Great guys who always offer a free cup of coffee or soft drink when I stop by. I recently discovered a place that you can get fresh chicken, duck or quail along with eggs. They actually slaughter and clean the fowl for you and you can cook the freshest chicken you will ever get.
        I too hop inj the car and hit Trader Joe's in Edgewater on occassion.
        I also live right around the corner from the Cheese Store which is in the 700 block of Monroe in the Monroe Center, great owner and an incedible cheese selection.

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          Hi roro,

          Just wondering where the place is you can get fresh chicken?

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            Super Chicken of Hoboken
            655 4th Street, between Jackson and Harrison, (201) 659-1618