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May 4, 2008 03:39 PM

Le Coq au Vin review AND...what's your fave (authentic) ethnic restaurant?

Went to Le Coq au Vin last night for a graduation dinner. Was absolutely amazing! Was very crowded but we got seated right away (had a reservation). Their french bread was delicious, had a flavor that was very subtle and a perfectly crisp crust. I had the Soupe a L’Oignon (onion soup) as a starter, and it was perfect- just enough of everything and the flavors were amazing. My fiance had the Soufflé Au Fromage (cheese souffle), and again, it was excellent. Very light with great flavor. Four our entrees, we had half portions (a great deal if you're low on cash) of the Aubergine Bayou Teche (basically pieces of fried eggplant covered in crab meat and shrimp and smothered in a spicy cream sauce, some veggies) and the Fletan (roasted halibut with a delicious watermelon salad). Both were excellent- the eggplant was so good, I'm going to have to try and recreate it at home. For dessert, the chocolate raspberry souffle, of course! Not too rich, great texture, and a great end to the meal. HIGHLY recommend this place- we are definitely going back.

And on to my question- what are your favorite authentic ethnic restaurants in the area? We would like to try foods from any and all cuisines. Thanks!

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    1. re: mikek

      Oops- sorry! Central Florida, Orlando area.

    2. I really enjoyed Nile Ethiopian (I-drive). The staff is very friendly, accomodating (as our meals were being presented to us, our server brought out her own food and demonstrated how to eat the entrees), and knowledgeable about the menu items. Being vegetarian I can't comment on the meat items, but the vegetarian platter (entree) we had was lovely. The one critique I have about the entree was the lack of texture. Most items were soft - I would've enjoyed a little crunch...

      1. My favorite ethnic restaurants in Central FL are:

        Polonia in Longwood for Polish cuisine
        Lac Viet downtown for Vietnamese
        Wazzabi in Winter Park for sushi
        Imperial Dynasty in Longwood for Chinese
        Kohinoor in Altamonte Springs for Indian
        Olympia on east Colonial for Greek
        Habana Grill in Altamonte for Cuban
        Korea House in Longwood for Korean
        Antonio's in Maitland for Italian

        I really don't know how authentic some of these spots are, but they're my current favorites....

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          I agree with you on Polonia, Lac Viet, Kohinoor, and Habana Grill for sure. Wazzabi is great, but I've also had top-notch sushi at Fuji Sushi on Lee Road in Winter Park, right off 17-92 (and it might be a little cheaper than Wazzabi because it isn't as trendy). For Greek, my favorite in town is Greek Flame Taverna on Semoran and Howell Branch (the edge of Casselberry and Winter Park), and I've written at great length how much I like Chilangos in Winter Springs for cheap, casual Mexican.

          1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

            I've been to Fuji years ago and wasn't overly impressed at that time -- but will revisit based on your rec. I'll also try Greek Flame Taverna and Chilangos...have you tried the little-hole-in-the-wall-authentic Mexican on 17-92 in Longwood -- Chilaquiles (I *think* I spelled that correctly)?

            1. re: bcodom

              I remember you mentioning it, but I've almost never take 17-92 north past 434 (since I live right around there). One of these days I'll keep driving. :)

              As for Fuji, I remember ordering a "2007 roll" that just about blew me away. One of the most creative and tastiest sushi rolls I've ever had. And everything is awesome at Greek Flame Taverna except the "Greek Fries," which were gross -- absolutely shimmering with oil.

              1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                OK, Lou, now you have me craving sushi for lunch today!! Barb