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May 4, 2008 03:14 PM

Africa Kine

I have been told that" Africa Kine" is the best Senegalese restaurant in New York, and than another foodie said that the place across the street "Africa restaurant "is better.Any thoughts on this one? Has anybody tried either of these, or does somebody have another suggestion? I am willing to try both and anything else suggested, willing to travel with an appetite to anywhere somebody suggests, tc

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    1. re: Lucia

      I got debe (grilled lamb) from from Africa Kine - the carryout window on the first floor - the other night. (I'd intended to eat at Florence's, which is a few blocks away, but they were closed.)

      The spices of the debe made it very good. My only complaint is that it seemed that most of what was dished up in the order was bones and fat, with just a little meat.

      What's noteworthy about this is that I used to like Sokhna, which is across the street from Africa Kine, because their portions were always very generous. But stopped going to Sokhna about 6 months ago when they served me debe that was all bones and fat and NO meat. (I didn't discover it until I'd arrived home with the carryout order, and I was too tired from work to complain.) Anyone else noticed a change in the amount of meat that comes with the orders? I'm assuming things are different if you eat in.

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