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May 4, 2008 02:49 PM

Wild Strawberrries

Hi, does anyone know if you can find wild strawberries in central or south florida ? I am looking for the small really delicious ones we used to find in the fields of Pa. The large berries here do not seem to have any flavor to them, or do you think we could grow the wild ones here ? Thanks for any info, Pat

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  1. we went strawberry picking down in homestead about 2 years ago. the cost was about $5/pint which was twice what stores were running any my kids ate more then they picked. it was 100 degrees out and we were miserable. it was in the middle of nowhere and there wasn't anywhere to go to the bathroom for miles. i recommend whole foods....

    1. 2 outta 4 times strawberries you buy, big or small, won't taste like nothin',
      but often they do...
      Today, from Publix, we got some that are spectacular... Big ones...

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        1. re: Mild Bill

          You may be surprised but they come from California this time of year. Look at the label.

        2. We picked some very good strawberries at a u-pick in Boynton Beach (Boynton Beach Blvd at Rt 441.) They were smaller than the supermarket varieties and the price was reasonable but it may be past the season by now.

          I wonder, does anybody on the PA board ask why they can't find mango trees in Pennsylvania like they did in SoFla? :-)

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          1. re: RickL

            Thanks for your reply about Boynton Beach, by the way, I know where there are some mango trees in Pa.....Have a great day.....

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              Who knew that mangoes were that hardy?

              I think the problem with wild strawberries has a lot to do with the fact that in SoFla we pave anything that doesn't move. When we moved down here about 13 years ago there was a great u-pick on Rt 441 around the Boca-Parkland line. Today, it's buried under one of those new strip plazas. Add to that the explosion in the iguana population and life is pretty tough for wild edibles.

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                I was just at Costco in North Miami. They have huge tubs of strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. The quality looked pretty damn good. Not sure if the bulk size is economical, but it is worth investigating further.

                We had bought a container at Epicure in South Beach. Was a pathetic bunch of puny little strawberries. Over the last year, the quality of the berry bunch (straw, rasp, blue) have been pretty uneven and a hit or miss when it comes to the day you go shopping for the week while the cost has it seems almost doubled over the last 18 months.

          2. I have childhood memories of U-pick strawberries in SW dade. This is back when Shopping Malls were rare. Those were great, but they weren't wild...they were farms.

            The only place I've ever seen wild strawberries was in upstate NY and also in NH. I don't think they'd grow wild in Florida...that is, if there's any land left that is unpaved.

            You can take a crack at growing them, but be vigilant for bugs, birds and critters!