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May 4, 2008 02:45 PM

Score! 4 gift certificates for 4 Denver Restaurants

Went to a fundraiser last night. Won a silent auction for 2 wineglasses, 3 bottles of wine made in Colorado and 4 $50 gift certificates for Keven Taylor Restaurant Group, Capital Grille, Sushi Den, and Samba Room. I'm so excited, I trip to Denver is in the cards. I don have a question though, which Keven Taylor restaurant is worth the money? Also, if I can't DH to try sushi, I may have gift card for someone on here. Let me know if anyone is interested.

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  1. Totally! My e-mail address is on my blog. What do I have to do for it? Want me to write an essay on why I'm the perfect gift-card recippient?

    I haven't been to Samba Room, will look forward to a report.

    1. Nice win!

      I had a gift certificate to Sushi Den that was also good for Izakaya Den across the street. Izakaya has all kinds of non-sushi items ( menu here: ), so your husband should be able to find something he likes there. I'd call and double-check whether you can use your gift cert. there, anyway.

      (Sorry, tatamagouche. But I could be wrong!)

      1. That sounds awesome you got all that stuff from a fundraiser, you certainly got the right gift last night! Sorry I can not give you any advice on the Kevin Taylor Restaurant Group I have not been, but would love a report when you return. I love sushi and I live a few hours away from Denver and go down often. If you decide you do not want the Sushi Den gift card please let me know what you want for it because I am very interested in trying new restaurants in Denver. Thanks and look forward to your restaurant updates.

        1. I thought I had posted some pics from Izakaya Den, but I couldn't find them on my blog. Turns out I'd saved the post in Drafts and forgotten about it. I posted it tonight:

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            Me too me too! Done a number of posts on both places (see profile for address). :)

            I'm surprised no one's given the skinny on KT though. Anyone? I had some awfully good desserts at an event catered by KT at the Ellie a few months back, but I know they were ridiculously expensive even for the group hosting the event.