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Dinner in Hudson NY

Any suggestions for good/interesting food for dinner with out of town friends. Thanks you.

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  1. My wife and I enjoyed Ca' Mea the last time we ate there.

    1. The best is Swoon. The rest in order of quality would be Ca Mea, Vico, Red Dot, Ciao Bella. All of these are quite good. Anything else is quite forgettable.

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        Thank you very much for your help.

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          Ciao Bella is out of business.

          Baba Louie's is worth mentioning -- organic, gourmet, wood-fired pizzas, and inventive salads.

        2. I was in Hudson last summer and LOVED Swoon. I'd definitely return there.

          1. Thank you fellow hounds ........ after checking all menus..... we have decided up Ca' Mea for dinner this Saturday. Swoon sounded the best.... however the other couple preferred

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              I'm sure you will enjoy it. Try the mozzarella with roasted peppers for an appetizer. It is really superb mozzarella. They will do half orders of pasta for appetizers, too.

            2. Would avoid Swoon first & foremost. Very expensive, amateur service & most important...Poorly conceived & executed food.

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                So, what restaurant in Hudson do YOU recommend? If you are going to tell someone not to eat at what is widely regarded as the best restaurant in Hudson, what are you offering as an alternative?

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                  This place may be regarded by YOU as the best in Hudson & I'm glad you enjoy it. However after wasting lots of time & money and having all of the guests we've ever brought to this place be actually angry with the poor experiences, we have to give up. We did our part to try to support a new business, they didn't come through (Esp. at the prices they charge). We are staying away from the Hudson dining scene for a while. FYI- Tanzies has some nice soups & sandwiches.

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                  We agree! Ate there several years ago - totally an unpleasant experience (food and ambiance).

                3. Thanks for all your help. Will report later.

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                    I live near by and also would avoid Swoon based on our first and only experience. Food not impressive and the seating at the lunch time visit was wierd (a low table and a broken down sofa type seat. Not inviting. A more positive evening out was at Red Dot. Simple but tasty dishes; the only down side was the noise level - a little quieter would be better. I'd be more specific about the individual dishes but it was a good while ago. Mexican Radio is tex mex as the name implies and though I was being experimental (for me) it does not suit me for either the food or ambience.

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                      Swoon is not great for lunch. Dinner is entirely different. I dine at Red Dot frequently, but it's hit or miss. Sometimes you get lucky and have a really great dish, other times it's disappointing, mostly it's just good value for decent food. I agree about Mexican Radio. Overpriced and boring.

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                        We were driving back from Saratoga last year and stopped in Hudson and had dinner at Mexican Radio. I thought the ambience was very nice and te service good and the food was good also. Loved the slushie
                        drink I had. We'll probably go back again. I thought the prices were very reasonable.

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                          As rrems mentions, lunch at Swoon is a much simpler menu and does not showcase its strengths. I enjoy their lunches, but it's not the same experience as dinner.

                          BTW, I don't know of any "broken down sofa" seating at Swoon (there is one leather-covered wood bench up front), and none of the tables -- which are all the same height throughout -- are "low."

                    2. I weekend in Hudson and eat everywhere regularly. Avoid most places with urban guests - a lot of subpar around. Swoon is unquestionably the best food, if that is your sole desire, but service and ambiance are famously substandard, so if entertaining there may be the wrong call.
                      Ca'Mea is very good, and has appropriate service and ambiance, but be forewarned it's American-Italian - oversalted, not what I'd call traditional/authentic - I'd say that's an accurate descipition.
                      Entertaining urban guests often goes well as DaBa - be sure not to overlook it.
                      Mexican Radio is no better than a Benny's or Arriba Arriba in NYC - not bad, but wildly overpriced for that type of "cheap date" Mexican.
                      Red Dot is notable for it's crazy personalities - very basic menu, loud fun bar area - but if it's sometime who wants to experience the Hudson vibe and hasn't seen it up close, this is the place to do it, but not just for the food.
                      Article in today's NYTimes mentions DaBa and a few places in the country: http://travel.nytimes.com/2008/05/30/...

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                        Can you elaborate on your experience(s) at DaBa? We tried it about a year ago and were not impressed, and it would be nice to know if it has improved. I can't remember most of the dishes, but I do recall my appetizer, bland domestic prosciutto with bland domestic asiago cheese (for $11). Even Shop-Rite in Hudson sells imported prosciutto, so this said to me that something is not quite right here. Have they gotten a clue and improved the ingredients? How does it compare with Swoon? And what did you think of the Times article? I have found Red Barn very disappointing and amateurish, and way overpriced.

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                          Daba's chefs experiment a lot, so the experience varies widely. (Regulars on slow nights get treated to all kinds of fun inventions, some good, some bad.) It's a place to go if you're feeling adventurous. Overall, I've had good food there.

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                            Thanks, we will probably give it another try. Have you been to the Carolina House in Kinderhook? We went there for the first time last weekend and were very pleasantly surprised at how delicious everything was, and the atmosphere is really nice too.

                      2. I'm a fan of Swoon. I'm shocked by the negative reviews here. We've been a few times, including Valentine's Day last year, and couldn't have been happier with the food and the atmosphere. I vaguely remember feeling that some people might be put off by the less than deeply attentive service, but I prefer to be left alone to enjoy my food and to linger over wine.

                        By contrast, the Red Dot is a bar crowd, bar scene, and, hence, bar menu. The food is just okay. It's a fun place to go after a movie, and great for having a few beers with friends, but the food is really just so-so. Not bad. Just so-so.