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May 4, 2008 02:34 PM

Dinner in Hudson NY

Any suggestions for good/interesting food for dinner with out of town friends. Thanks you.

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  1. My wife and I enjoyed Ca' Mea the last time we ate there.

    1. The best is Swoon. The rest in order of quality would be Ca Mea, Vico, Red Dot, Ciao Bella. All of these are quite good. Anything else is quite forgettable.

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      1. re: rrems

        Thank you very much for your help.

        1. re: rrems

          Ciao Bella is out of business.

          Baba Louie's is worth mentioning -- organic, gourmet, wood-fired pizzas, and inventive salads.

        2. I was in Hudson last summer and LOVED Swoon. I'd definitely return there.

          1. Thank you fellow hounds ........ after checking all menus..... we have decided up Ca' Mea for dinner this Saturday. Swoon sounded the best.... however the other couple preferred

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              I'm sure you will enjoy it. Try the mozzarella with roasted peppers for an appetizer. It is really superb mozzarella. They will do half orders of pasta for appetizers, too.

            2. Would avoid Swoon first & foremost. Very expensive, amateur service & most important...Poorly conceived & executed food.

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                So, what restaurant in Hudson do YOU recommend? If you are going to tell someone not to eat at what is widely regarded as the best restaurant in Hudson, what are you offering as an alternative?

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                  This place may be regarded by YOU as the best in Hudson & I'm glad you enjoy it. However after wasting lots of time & money and having all of the guests we've ever brought to this place be actually angry with the poor experiences, we have to give up. We did our part to try to support a new business, they didn't come through (Esp. at the prices they charge). We are staying away from the Hudson dining scene for a while. FYI- Tanzies has some nice soups & sandwiches.

                2. re: links42

                  We agree! Ate there several years ago - totally an unpleasant experience (food and ambiance).