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May 4, 2008 02:02 PM

Georgie Porgie's BBQ, Clinton NJ

My family and I just tried a roadside barbecue stand in Glen Gardner on Rt. 31 North (right past Spruce Run Reservoir.) It's called Georgie Porgie's BBQ and we really enjoyed it. We tried the pulled pork sandwich, the pulled chicken and the baby back ribs. Everything was delicious and we are planning on making this a regular stop. We hear the beef brisket is really good, too. Didn't try it yet but we definitely will the next time we go - which will probably be next weekend. :) I just noticed on the menu that there is a Lunch Special - choice of a sandwich, one side and a drink for $7.00. Great deal!

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  1. i'll definitely second this! we went camping for father's day at spruce run and stopped at georgie porgie's on our way home sunday. oh my, it was yummy! we had ribs, the pulled pork sandwich, and the brisket sandwich. we're from texas, so finding good bbq brisket is so rare up in new jersey. finding good bbq brisket is even rarer, so this was a great find. the baked beans were good, but nothing to write home about. but who cares? the meat is what it is all about!

    the place is just a little shack with outdoor seating just north of the spruce run entrance. we don't live nearby (it is about a 45 minute drive for us), but anytime we're headed west on 78, we'll be stopping in.

    talked to the owner who said he'd just opened a few months ago, but things were going well so far. also, said because of his water supply, won't be able to be open when it is too cold.

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      Is this place open now? I'm thinking about a trip in that direction.

    2. We have visited Georgie Porgie's BBQ 2 weekends in a row for lunch but BBQ stand was not open. There was a sign last weekend indicating they were closed but no sign this weekend. Wanted to try the food before hiring them to cater an upcoming event. Based on them being closed again, I'd be concerned they wouldn't show for our event. Time to find someone else. :o(

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        He had a family member get ill and pass away.