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May 4, 2008 01:39 PM

Restaurants in Dollard des Ormeaux/Pointe Claire

We'll be in the Dollard/Pointe Claire area the end of June visiting our son who lives there. Looking for a few really good restaurants suitable for two adventurous chowhounds, our son and his wife (a little adventurous) and a difficult-to-suit tween-age girl.

Our experience has been that almost everyplace in the Montreal area is good compared to similar places in the States -- but we're interested in what fellow chowhounds think.

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  1. For a fantastic brunch, you must try Déjeuner Cosmopolitain, my favourite breakfast spot on the island:

    983 boul. St-Jean (corner Brunswick), Pointe-Claire, 514-697-8529

    On weekends, go early (before 11) to avoid lineups.

    Bombay Choupati is supposed to be a great Indian resto in the West Island (the part of town where DDO & Pointe-Claire are), though I still haven't been:

    5011 Sources Rd., Pierrefonds

    Search the board for "West Island" and you may find other suggestions, or terms like St-Laurent, Dorval or airport. (not too far from Pointe-Claire)

    And if you have a car, you'll probably want to venture further afield to sample all that Mtl has to offer! Roam the boards and if you want more specific recs, feel free to post again.

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    1. re: kpzoo

      I live in baie d'urfe on weekends, my new favorite is Le Bocage, (formerly les 3 soeurs) it's in Beaconsfield, it's at the Woodland exit on the 20, right on Beaconsfield blvd, next to the Jean Coutu. They have a varied continental menu and an outdoor terrace.

      For italian, I like Il Mezzogiorno, it's on St. Charles, in a plaza north of the transcanadian. Standard good italian fare, consistent. A newer one is Il Mundo, in the same area, different plaza.

      In the village of pointe claire, at the cartier exit on the 20, there's le Gourmand, wonderful terrace.

      1. re: superbossmom

        Is the new establishment Del Friscos in DDO any good? They have a wood-burning pizza oven & home-made pastas is what I've heard.

      2. re: kpzoo

        So we finally made the trek down to Bombay Choupati after hearing about it from the raves on this board. Actually, we made the trek out there twice, sooo worth it, even with gas at $1.31 !! :) Here are a few observations.

        - Had their ragda patties. Yum yum yum. Mashed potatoes patted down into a disk, lightly fried, served with a yellow peas curry, and with all the chaat condiments over top (chutneys, yogurt, onions, cilantro etc). While this is a very popular Indian appetizer/dish, for some reason it's not exactly ubiquitous across the Indian restaurants. Hit the spot. Should have ordered two LOL.

        - Masala Dosas. We got the mild version, but next time, we will skip straight to the extra spicy variety. Perhaps as a result of being Bombay Mahal regulars, we tend to err towards the mild seeing as BM's definition of mild is PLENTY spicy for us. Whereas Choupati's defintion of mild really is like babyfood. Fair enough, but I would have wanted to know that coming in. the dosas were cooked to perfection. Crispy, tasty, and surprisingly not greasy in the least.

        - Butter chicken. Oh my, this has got to be the best butter chicken I've ever tasted, EVER. However, on our other visit, we got a chicken curry, which was nothing special though. If you're going to go chicken at Choupati, go butter chicken all the way.

        - Idli sambar. Absolutely delectable, with a superb coconut chutney. Our only complaint was that there wasn't enough.

        - Observed the table next to us getting the Bombay Chaat. Which appeared to be a plate of 4 different types of fritters. We're getting that next time!!!

        - Final verdict, this place is a gem. However, definately ask for spicy-spicy-spicy. Beware the portions aren't huge, but you won't go home with a tummy ache. The grease level is "just-right", you won't be going home with acid refluc issues either :) Their price point in general seems a bit higher than Park-Ex. Oh, we would have wanted to try their lassi, but at $4 a glass, seemed a bit steep, so we resisted.

        1. re: CroqueMadame

          I can only second everything written above about BC. This place is amazing.
          A little further south on des Sources, there is a Pakistani place called Shahi Palace, and I'd be willing to stick my neck out and say it's even better than BC. Their Lamb Palik (lamb with spinach, spicy version) is the stuff foodie dreams are made of.

          1. re: bomobob

            Hey bomobob,

            What else is good at Shahi Palace? Have you ever tried Kwality nearby? Apparently it's good but I have yet to make it there. Also noticed Shalimar opened in the opposite strip mall (where Punjab Palace #2 lived for awhile). I think it may be the spinoff from Shalimar Sweets on Jean-Talon.

            1. re: hungryann

              I went to Shalimar today and it is unrelated to the sweets' shop on Jean-Talon. BTW, it was excellent and I will post on another thread.

        2. re: kpzoo

          Thanks kpzoo! Found this thread looking for a west island brunch spot - way out of my normal radius so was taking a long shot. Took your advice and went to Dej. Cosmopolitain, and it definitely exceeded expectations.

          The service, while slow at times, was unusually attentive and friendly. Their menu is insanely extensive but somehow not overwhelming - nicely organized. The waiter also told us right off the bat that they're willing to do any substitution requested, which for such a large and busy place is pretty nice of them.

          About the only thing I could complain about: the side of baked beans comes in a tiny plastic thimble, smaller than a Pepto-Bismol cup...but that's a pretty minor shortcoming.

          1. re: anachemia

            Glad you liked it, sorry the service was slow. Were you there during peak hours? We were there at 11:00 am on Sat. and were actually shocked that there was no lineup, and service was speedy!

            re: the beans - yes, the ones that come with those massive platters ("for the hungry appetites") are pretty small. If you order a regular side of beans, the portion is much bigger. I guess they figure there are so many other things on those plates (eggs, toast, meat, potatoes, pancakes, etc.), you're not left with much room for beans! If you got a thumbnail as a regular side I will be dismayed.

            1. re: kpzoo

              Yeah, we were there around 11 AM on a holiday - no wait for a table but the server was clearly pretty busy. He got tied up talking to a guy who was a dead ringer for Arnold Palmer (hey, maybe it was really him?) but the BEST part is, the waitier saw us getting antsy to order, and brought the whole table a free round of OJ to apologize for the extra wait! Who does that kind of thing these days? Impressive. (And the OJ was great too.)

              As for the beans, it was indeed just the side order. I found the funky plastic cup more amusing than the small portion itself. Next time I'll just get the small breakfast plate with an extra order on the side, thx for the tip! :-)

        3. I'm sure you constantly read the hype on Swartzs on this board...for a west island facsimile (nearby your son's place, if you don't wanna drive into town for CroqueMadame points out the $1.31 gas is per liter and xlates to about $6.50/gallon...) you may want to try Abie's Smoked Meat on St. Jean.
          Also in the neighborhood is 40 West Steakhouse, your son will know where it is. Makes for a nice celebratory (read moderately expensive) evening with family with dry aged steaks, oysters, fish, seafood, etc.

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          1. re: porker

            how is Town Hall, I heard it's a spinoff of 40 west ? is it in the same area ?

            1. re: superbossmom

              Yes, it's in the same area, literally right behind 40 Westt in the strip mall. I belive there is a 40 Westt-Town Hall connection but I don't think either is affiliated anymore. As for the food, I've been twice. It was "ok", but for the price can go to so many other better places. You are paying for the money they sunk into the place. It's "bistro" type food. It tries to be "fancy" and fancy doesn't fly with me personally.