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May 4, 2008 12:11 PM

JFX Farmers Market

The market opened today.

Seems like some of the vendors from last year invested in a little infrastructure to enlarge their spaces (the grilled mushroom stand, the omelette stand)

I saw a new (or new to me) BBQ place across from the Curry Shack. They had gumbo, jambalaya and racks of ribs. Did not try it but if anyone did let me know if the ribs are worth it.

Donut Man was out of commission. Again. Seems like they had issues last year as well. A lot of other parents that I ran into had some upset kids on their hands. And I wanted a bag too so I was a little sad.

Talked to Pea Man. He said to look for fresh peas in 2 to 3 weeks. Can't wait.

Anyone else go? Try anything new?

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  1. I'm not typically a regular, so I was surprised at how crowded it was today, but perhaps it was normal.

    Bought some herbs (wow, lots of plant vendors!), was surprised that I didn't actually see a ton of vegetable vendors (lots of vendors selling greens, saw only one with asparagus and one with carrots, but maybe broccoli, squash, peas, etc aren't quite in season yet? veggies were specifically what I was looking for - or maybe a lot had sold out by 10:30am). Bought some soup from the Mushroom stand (yummy but pricy but full of mushroom goodness), had a pickle from the Pickle Man (yum!), and enjoyed walking around overall. Wanted a pit beef sandwich but was overwhelmed by the very, very long line that wasn't really moving.

    I'll be back... but overall a lot of the stands were relatively pricy ($7 for an omelette with a 20 minute long line? no thanks, unless someone tells me they're to die for).

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      It's kind of early in the season for most vegetables.

    2. South Mountain Creamery is there this year! That will save me from having to go to the Waverly market on Saturdays just for milk and cream. I also like their eggs better than the ones at the JFX market.

      Aside from the food vendors, there wasn't anything much there today that wasn't at the Waverly market - LOTS of asparagus, spring onions, greens, herbs, strawberries, some rhubarb, the mushroom people, and lots of flowering plants (way more than at the Waverly market).

      I went at 8 am and got some rhubarb, spinach, spring onions, hen of the woods mushrooms (no morels - ??), yogurt from South Mountain, and pad thai (I saved it for lunch) from the Thai food place near the falafel stand, which was really really good. I was REALLY bummed that no one had ramps. There's a stand at the market in Dupont Circle in DC that has them, but I'm not driving to DC just for some ramps!

      Has anyone had the falafels? What about the omelettes? How are they? I can't bring myself to pay that much money for them. Likewise, I can't bring myself to pay so much for any of the food items from the mushroom stand.

      Also, have I been blind these past few years? Where is the pickle man???

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      1. re: scarlet starlet

        Falafel is both delish and entertaining. The guys are totally spaced out but they have great stories. Try the falafel with beets, greens and hot sauce.

        1. re: scarlet starlet

          I also was psyched to see South Mountain Creamery! Finally milk at the market! I didn't know they had eggs, they weren't listed on their price list. Did I have to ask?

        2. I got there at 10:15 and missed out on a bunch. Curry Shack was already packin' it up!
          Had to wait a long time for my kid's ice cream, which meant that stuff was selling out while we were waiting...
          The BBQ place is Ethel and Ramone's from Mt. Washington.
          Looking forward to more and more produce availability as season goes on.

          1. I got there at 9 and it was a zoo already. I was able to get a dozen samosas/pockets from the Curry Shack (My 2yo daughter's favorite) and some good Jambalaya from Ethel and Ramone's. Otherwise, we couldn't handle the lines for other food. The Donut Man's disappearance was the hardest hit for our group though. We were able to get a few good apples, but otherwise stayed away from the produce.

            We did enjoy dancing with the steel drum band. Does anybody know if this is going to be a regular event?

            I didn't see South Mountain, but I will look next time.

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            1. re: LittleNorthwest

              Steel Drum band plays every year on opening day. Not usually there on other weeks. As for the time, we go at 7. That's when you get the best pick of produce and parking.

              1. re: rudmansjmu

                I thought it opened at 8. Are all of the food vendors open early too?

            2. Opening hours are published as 8am to noon (or until sell out). However, the vendors will sell to anyone who's there once they have set up. Could be much earlier than 8am.
              We went yesterday and got cheese (flavored with Old Bay- I'll let you know how that goes) radishes (3 huge bunches for $2), green onions, spinach and lovely purple impatiens flowers. Lines for omlette, coffee and pastries were insanely long. I hope we get their earlier next week.

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              1. re: maddogg280

                You know what? It is 8 am when we go. Sorry!