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May 4, 2008 12:08 PM

Two nights in Guerneville

I will be spending two nights in Guerneville and hoped for some dining recommendations. I am willing to drive a bit, but will be spending 2 nights in Napa; so I don't need to go that far.

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  1. The Underwood Cafe in Graton is excellent. It's a bit of a drive but not bad. You could try the Farmhouse Inn which I haven't eaten at, it's also a drive but it gets great reviews.

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      You might want to try the Applewood Inn on 116 in Guerneville. It's very good. I can vouch that Underwood and the Farmhouse are both fantastic. You also might like the Willow Wood Market and Cafe also in Graton. If you get to Windsor, try Odyssey. The food is fabulous and the owner/chef was the sous chef for Tom Colicchio at the Granmercy Tavern in NYC.

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        I love Farmhouse Inn.

        Willowood in Graton has good flavors. Old-fashioned grocery store turned restaurant. Great breakfasts, too.

    2. Make sure you get some tacos from the truck in the Safeway parking lot. The lengua is especially good.

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        I really enjoyed my dinner at the Farmhouse Inn, which is a short drive outside of Guerneville - if you are looking for something a bit upscale def. make a reservation.
        Russian River Pub was highlighted on the food network as a dive bar that serves good food - I haven't been there yet.
        Healdsburg isn't a bad drive and there are quite a few options in town.
        For breakfast the garden grill is my favorite stop.

        Farmhouse Inn
        7871 River Rd, Forestville, CA 95436

        Jonathan's Grill
        Hwy-116 Ext, Forestville, CA 95436

        Russian River Pub
        11829 River Rd, Forestville, CA

      2. IMHO, it would be kind of silly to drive more that 15 minutes or so from Guerneville, especially if you are driving to Napa later. I second the rec for Applewood Inn, where I ate the best duck breast of my life (perfect crispy skin and rare juicy interior) and a blood orange creme brulee that was heavenly. That was a winter meal, and the menu changes with the seasons, but I'm sure the spring menu will be excellent. Also second Farmhouse Inn if you want to go more upscale - it's a very short drive east on River Road. My husband always orders the rabbit three ways and the nibbles I've stolen have been delicious. The chef does wonderful things with fish, and last time I was there the halibut was perfectly cooked. I've also really liked Bistro des Copains in Occidental, but the chef has changed since I was last there. It's a very friendly, casual place with solid bistro fare. For a much more casual experience, try Cafe les Jumelles, just 4 miles west of Guerneville in Monte Rio. It's super casual, sometimes maybe a tad too lax, but the chef clearly really cares about food. I'd particularly recommend the corned beef hash at breakfast and the chef's special burger at lunch. Garden Grill is also good for lunch. It's not something I would order, but they have the best garlic fries my husband has ever had, and he's had lots. For a gracious meal with a beautiful view of the river, try Village Inn in Monte Rio. It's not destination dining, but the Friday/Saturday prime rib special is always good if you like that. They seem to really shine on the soups and salads - I had an artichoke vicchysoise (sp???) there that I've been trying to duplicate unsuccessfully at home ever since. The bartender there is very skilled, try any of the classics. I'm also fond of Charisma Cafe and Wine bar in downtown Guerneville. And finally, stop by Sophie's Cellars in Monte Rio and get John talking about wine, or David talking about cheese. You are sure to discover a gem you had never heard of.

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          Does Cafe Des Jumelles have a patio? If so, does it have much charm (potted plants, twinkle lights, etc.)? Thanks.

        2. If you are going out to the coast (which I certainly recommend, you are so close in Guerneville) you could stop at River's End in Jenner. I haven't had dinner there in years, (because it is too far from home in Glen Ellen) but I love to stop there and have a drink and watch the sunset after a day at the coast. It is a great place to watch the sun go down, and I think the food is at least acceptable. About 14 miles from Guerneville.

          1. I also recommend The Garden Grill for breakfast or lunch. I loved dining on their deck underneath the redwoods.

            The Willow Wood as well was a favorite of ours. Love their polenta.