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May 4, 2008 11:24 AM

Fresh juices?

I just got back from a month in South America where there are tons of fresh juice bars all over (esp. in Brazil), with ALOT of different types of fresh delicious juices and was wondering if there are any places here with some good fresh juices (beyond that of your typical fresh orange juice or lemonade - which are still good)?

I live on the westside, so I'd prefer locations over here, but all suggestions are appreciated!

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  1. There is almost always a juice wagon at the corner of Venice and La Cienega on weekends.

    1. the hungry pocket across the street from santa monica city college squeezes fresh juices to order.
      i'm not sure what exact juices they offer, but i know that they offer a couple of more choices than just orange juice.

      (while you are there, get a falafal sandwich to go with your juice and be sure to get some of their homemade piquante sauce.)

      1. Vallarta Markets have great fresh juices Mango, Strawberry, horchata etc