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Asian Food Blogs?

I've read the food blog threads with great interest, but wondered if anyone can suggest some specifically Asian food blogs?

I'm looking for recipe-based rather than travel / restaurant review-based blogs, ideally in places like Thailand, India, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.

All suggestions greatly appreciated!

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  1. Here's one that I just came across very recently, but haven't completely searched through it. I have already seen recipes from Korea, Philippines, Thailand and India.


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      That's a nice one.

      Another one I like is Evil Jungle Prince.


    2. My favorite is http://www.rasamalaysia.com/ -- the blogger is a food photographer and a cook

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        I discovered that one earlier today - it's wonderful! The photography is incredible.

      2. I learn a lot from
        http://chezannies.blogspot.com/ and http://steamykitchen.com/blog/
        they also have links to other Asian food blogs.
        Happy hunting.


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          Thanks all of you :-) I'm off to browse the links!

        2. Burnt Lumpia has a really wry sense of humor that I find entertaining if you're interested at all in Filipino cuisine: http://burntlumpia.typepad.com

          Otherwise Appon's Thai Food is one of the best resources I've found online for Thai recipes: http://www.khiewchanta.com.