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May 4, 2008 10:26 AM

Best Back Bay Restaurants

Will be staying in the Back Bay Area, and don't have a problem going to other areas of Boston to have dinner, but wonder if there are any really good places for dinner in the Back Bay Area that I could just walk to from my hotel...There is no type of food that I dislike, and while I don't want to spend $100 for one everytime I have dinner, up to $60 would be fine...Thanks....

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  1. I would put Sorrelina at the top of your list. It's one of the nicest restaurants within walking distance to your hotel. Very comfortable dining alone at the bar also. Very pretty room, excellent food and service.

    #9 Park is also a nice option, and a nice walk through the Public Garden from Back Bay. Food and service is top-notch. Both options are the higher end of your budget.

    1. Back Bay itself is somewhat lacking in the great food department. I would second the Sorellina rec, as it is definitely going to be the best close restaurant. However, the great thing about Boston is that you can walk to a lot of places in a relatively short amount of time. I would recommend taking a venture to the South End, which is a relatively short, easy walk and checking out some of the restaurants there. there are TONS of great places there. Just do a South End search on this board and you will come up with a lot of options!

      1. Only been there once, but I have to agree with the others that Sorellinas is great, especially if someone else is paying. Save that for your big splurge. Mistral is also very good (I believe it may be the same owner, in fact)

        If you feel like taking a short cab ride, Ten Tables in Jamaica Plain is out of this world too, and for much less money.

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          Depending on how big a splurge you're up for in this area, L'Espalier and Clio will break the bank but be well worth it.

          And luckily, you don't have to take a cab to Ten Tables from Copley Square. You can catch the #39 bus, which starts at Copley and eventually goes down Jamaica Plain's Centre Street business district, and thus right past Ten Tables. It's probably about as fast as a cab to there, depending on the traffic.

        2. One of the best things about the Back Bay (where I used to live) as far as restaurants are concerned, is that is a short walk to the South End, where there is an abundance of great places to eat as well as to dine. Hamersley's Bistro is one of my all-time faves anywhere.... not cheap, but not over the top, either. Also Icarus...

          Turner Fisheries in the Westin Copley Place, still serves the best Clam Chowder in Boston, imho, as well as a fabulous array of fresh fish and seafood offerings.

          1. Many on this board have enjoyed La Voile on Newbury. It's between Fairfield and Gloucester Streets.

            We went there for Lunch yesterday and enjoyed one of the Salads and a lovely dish with a bevy of spring vegetables, Morels with a piece of cod poached on top.