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May 4, 2008 10:17 AM

[DFW] Cafe San Miguel

Okay, so I finally made it there for dinner last night, after hearing so much about it for a long time..My experience was overall good...I had the corn tortillas bathed in sauce made out of black beans and peppers, and stacked with crab...Very good...Homemade corn tortillas...excellent. Empanadas were so so...Chips okay, a bit thick..Margaritas...okay, not the best...sent the frozen one back for the lack of taste and tequila in it...Was a little disappointed by the menu choices, as overall I prefer a Tex Mex style, though the Mexican food was good...Would have loved to see my favorite, sour cream chicken enchiladas....The place was crowded, and I might add, too hot for my taste...They needed to turn up the air...Anyway, service was quite good, you had to yell to talk to your dining companion...VERY LOUD...would return, but wish they had a bit more choices or combos of Tex Mex...

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  1. I would have to say that I go to Cafe San Miguel on a semi-regular basis for the reason that offer good interior Mexican food. It would be a shame, IMO, if they started to offer Tex-Mex cuisine to try and appeal to a wider audience. You can get enchilada suizas at pretty much any corner in this or any other city in Texas. Your other quibbles might be fair but I would have to say that the reason this restaurant is so successful is that they stick to what they do best.

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      Agreed. When I'm in the mood for Tex-Mex in the area, I go to Manny's just a couple miles away.

    2. Also agree that they should not offer Tex-Mex. Their menu is good as is. Next time try their Pomerita.