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May 4, 2008 10:08 AM

Gas convection vs. electric convection

We want to buy a gas range with a convection oven, but noticed that the duel-fuel ranges are more expensive than single-fuel. We are looking at a GE Profile model that has a gas cooktop with a gas convection oven. Normally I don't like gas ovens, but I've never tried one with convection. Does it bake as evenly as the electric convection?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. there is no TRUE convection oven powered by gas as i understand it. they do make small fans for gas ovens which help circulate air, but a true convection oven must be, or at least used to be, electric because the air currents are so strong, too strong for the gas jets...

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        We have a convection Gas oven with gas cooktop by Kitchenaid. It has a fan which speeds up cooking time by 25 % and does not affect the flame burning process. Otherwise the unit would be producing large amounts of CO(Carbon Monoxide)which it is not! We test regularly and have a CO detector in our home.
        Although there seems to be a trend these days for gas cooktops and electric convection ovens because gas oven require new igniters every 5 yrs on average.
        We could not be happier with the Gas-Gas Kitchenaid and have not had any trouble. Keep in mind convection cooks faster and at a lower temperature than most typical recipes. I just make adjustments accordingly. About 25% less time and 25 degrees cooler on the oven settings.

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          Where is the igniter located? If I buy a gas wall convection oven, do they have to pull it out of the wall to change the igniter? I have never had a gas oven before, but am moving to a solar powered home, and electric ovens are out of the question when using solar power, due to the high wattage. Should I buy extra igniters when I buy the oven, in case the part is discontinued in a few years?

          Also, this is a dumb question, but can a gas convection oven be used with LP gas? We have an LP gas tank at the solar home, and Natural Gas is not available there.

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            I can't answer the question about where the igniter is located but guess that may vary by brand.

            As far as using a gas convection oven on LP, you can but must purchase an LP conversion kit. There is a pressure difference between LP and natural gas. The conversion kit ensures your LP passes through at the appropriate pressure. Some manufactures make LP ready stoves; you need to shop around and ask questions.

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          there is no TRUE convection oven powered by gas as i understand it. they do make small fans for gas ovens which help circulate air, but a true convection oven must be electric because the air currents are so strong, too strong for the gas jets...


          Absolutely NOT true. The gas burner is under the floor plate in a gas oven. The fan is on the rear of the oven. The fan does NOT affect the flame in a gas oven in any way, shape or form. There is a lot of terribly innaccurate information out there because of the third element type electric convection ovens that some marketing bean counter for a select company has labeled "TRUE" convection. The VAST majority of all professional convection ovens are gas.
          Will a gasconvection oven cook as evenly as an electric convection oven? NO
          Not because of the fuel type or the third elelement but because on a gas oven the regulator valve has a range that kicks the oven off and on. Tpyically that's plus or minus 25 or more degrees. The electric oven regulators are far more precise making an electric convection oven superior for baking. The trade off is that with an electric oven you can not get a gas infrared broiler.
          Gas convection will however bake more evenly (IMO) than most conventional electric ovens.

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            Thanks, everyone! This really helps.

        3. found this thread whilst searching for reviews on gas range/ovens. Its great!

          Based on the trade-off between the superior temperature mgmt handling of an electric convection oven, and the superior broiler coming from the gas/infared ovens.....has anyone seen a dual-oven that has both a gas broiler and electric convection compartments?

          A little "pie in the sky", I realize :-)


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            This thread is pretty old, but I remember seeing a dual fuel oven when I was doing my initial research. I never did buy a new oven. But since I started this thread I bought a countertop convection oven by Breville for only $250. I must say that thing is the bomb. The only time I use my big oven now is to roast a chicken or bake 2 loaves of bread. The Breville does everything else far superior to my vintage O'Keefe & Merritt gas oven.

            Here are some duel fuel ranges. http://products.geappliances.com/Appl...

            And here is the Breville.