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Where to buy popcorn salt?

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I've been using the same little can of Morton's popcorn salt for years...the frequency that I make stovetop popcorn or patacones is rare, but it comes in handy! Now that I'm almost out, I haven't been able to find it anywhere...it used to be in the popcorn section, but I've also looked in the salt sections of grocery stores for fine-grained salt but haven't seen anything.

Maybe it's just my local stores that don't stock it...so has anyone seen it lately, in Manhattan or Brooklyn? Even Queens? I don't mind traveling a bit for it since it will last me so long. Oh, and I don't have a food processor nor do I drink coffee (thus own a grinder) so it's much easier for me to buy it...thanks!

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  1. If you put regular salt in a blender or spice grinder for a couple of seconds you'll have popcorn salt. It was actually on Good Eats the other night.

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    1. Amazon has it... not cheap but if it lasts you a long time, might be worth it.


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        It's actually not expensive at all considering what Morton's sells it for on their website ... it never would have occured to me to check Amazon, thanks!