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May 4, 2008 09:13 AM

[DFW] Any Good Southern Cooked Breakfast Spots?

I just moved to McKinney, TX (near DFW) from Atlanta about a year ago. In Atlanta we had really good places where you can get a REAL Southern cooked breakfast like The Flying Biscuit, J. Christophers, The Landmark Diner, Mary Mac's Tearoom, etc.

It seems that Mexican/Latin spots are very popular here in Texas. Are there any good Southern cooked breakfast spots in the DFW?? Afterall - Texas did fight for the Confederacy, right? (coming from a transplanted New Yorker) :-)

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  1. Not sure what you are referencing, but I enjoy places like Mama's Daughter's Diner, Bubba's Cooks Country and Farmer's Grill in Dallas, Norma's Cafe in Farmer's branch, Nikki's cafe in Richardson, Bic's in Addison, Country Junction in Sachse, and so much more.
    To find them just drift away from manicured lawns areas of town and pull into busy parking lots of otherwise quiet strip centers on a Sunday morning to find these places. Happy eating.

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      There's Poor Richard's in Plano, you'll have to wait but it's pretty decent.

    2. Although I haven't tried it myself, I've heard good things about Bill Smith's Cafe in Mckinney. Haven't found time to go up there to try it.

      1. If you're in Dallas try the Mecca on Harry Hines. Must be 30-40 yrs old. Great chicken fried steak, migas and homemade cinnamon rolls that are so large they are falling off the plate. The waitresses have probably been there 30 yrs as well and are the real deal!

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          one of the best places is on 121 north in Lewisville call Ham and Eggs it is Amazing. Huge portions and just great. On the week-ends there can be a long wait.

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            Analisas mom, your above posting made me curious, so I googled Ham and Eggs. Wow! What a lot of varied reviews. People apparently either loved it or hated it, and if they hated it they usually had problems with the previous owner and her attitude. Apparently, previous owner Jackie Shields died in November, so I think it needs a fresh look. I'd love to take a look at it myself soon.