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Mint Crisp M&Ms -- anyone spotted them yet?

I've got a BOLO alert for these new M&Ms, supposedly being introduced with the new raiders of the lost ark film. anyone seen them? especially in northern virginia? ;-P

if you've found them, do they live up to their chowhound kudos?

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  1. I've seen them at CVS and Giant up in the Baltimore area. Definitely worth it.

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      Spotted yesterday at the CVS in McLean, VA. At this store, they were in a special cardboard RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK display although I don't think they were actually in the candy aisle. I didn't buy any.

      1. re: Indy 67

        wha? you saw......and did not buy and try?

        oh, my cvs here on spout run is behind the times!!!! thanks for the report. maybe they'll creep down 123, up military, across lorcom to spout run. how long should that take? ;-D

    2. I found them at Blockbuster video in Alexandria (Beuregard, near the CVS and Giant). They are delish! Mint M&Ms are my fave Christmastime treat and crispy was my favorite before it was discontinued, so this is my fantasy M&M!

      1. Had them from a Weis (I think that's where my wife got them) a few weeks ago.

        1. there is an empty spot for them on the shelf at my cvs on spout run pkwy. i haven't found a bag yet!

          1. CVS b/w 14th and 15th

            1. I've also seen them at Walgreens (multiple DC locations). They're minty alright, but definitely not M&M enough!

              1. Ooo...let me know if they show up at the Spout Run/Lee Hwy CVS location (Lyon Village)...that's my CVS too! I was there yesterday and didn't see them up front with all the other candy. I want them!!!

                1. They have them at Target - I've seen them at two of them so far (Columbia Heights and Alexandria). CVS is pretty bad about getting limited edition candy up in a timely fashion. My local CVS on 14th and H still has the wildly cherry limited edition ones from months ago and no mint crisps.

                  1. I got them at Safeway in the Rose Hill shopping center on Franconia Rd (or was it the Giant in Springfield? now I can't remember). Anyway, that was a week ago and my bag's almost empty. :) They were in a big display in the dairy section (? yeah, I know).

                    1. I've seen them at a few different Rite Aids in the area. Has anyone tried the Wild Cherry ones or whatever? I'm very much intrigued by those...

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                        ok, i looked again at spout run cvs for mint crisp. now not only no bags, but NO TAG for their spot on the shelf. ;-((

                        BUT, being the intrepid "i've got to have something different today" hound, i bought the wild cherry. ok, they are good. real good. they taste like cherry cordials (choco-covered cherries), and are in varying sizes of plumpness. some are much rounder than regular m&ms. some even have a darker red shade, like real cherries would. all this is a GOOD thing.

                        get some, mdoodle, and report your opionion, if you will. (BUT don't buy out my stash, please)

                        1. re: alkapal

                          hmmm...i didn't see wild cherry m&ms at the CVS on spout run. where are they? i didn't even know about them! i looked for the mint crisp m&ms at the CVS on Harrison street next to Blockbuster (and i also looked in blockbuster) and they weren't there either! i'm starting to doubt they even exist! : (

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                            they are over in the section where the summer special products are (on the left, in the middle aisle rack, before the aisle with the tons of sunscreen)--- not near the regular candy area facing the photo developing area.

                            i'll go check again today, but they were good. they do exist, they do exist! (although i feel the same way about the existence of the mint ones!)

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                              The Target on Rt 1 south of Alexandria has the Wild Cherry ones on discount. :)

                      2. Rite Aids in No VA often have them. I love them, they are like miniature girl scout cookies (thin mints to be exact).

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                          rite-aid will be my target today! thanks!

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                            I've seen them at the Giant on FFX County Pkwy in Herndon, and also at a few local 7-11's. I love all things minty and thought these were very tasty. Good luck!

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                              i just wonder how their distribution works? strange!

                        2. The CVS at the corner of Harford Road and Hamilton Avenue...YUM

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                                I've seen them at two Rite-Aids (the one on Chase St and a crappy one on North Ave!)

                          1. i had to fly to sw florida to find them at a sweet bay grocery. just kidding. i was on a family trip, and leapt for joy when i spotted six bags. i bought one. and at home tried them. good, like little girl scout cookies! went back later and bought out the remaining four bags (one had gotten away from me!)

                            1. I just bought three bags on sale at the Suitland, MD Target. There was an entire plastic bin full of them. Get thee to a Target.

                              1. got more last week the same place I got em originally...CVS on Harford Rd in Hamilton

                                1. FINALLY, they have arrived at cvs on spout run pkwy and lee hwy in arlington! (summer items section, top candy bins). if you haven't tried them, but love girl scout thin mint cookies (when they were good, back in the day), try these. you will thank me!

                                  1. found raspberry ones yesterday at the Walgreens on York Road in Baltimore...don't like em as much as the mint though!

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                                      crosby p, ooooh, raspberry! i'll probably find those in december at the rate the mint crisps took to get to my cvs. have you tried wildly cherry? pretty good, but mint crisp is best m&m ever. period.

                                      1. re: alkapal

                                        I agree....the mint is the best...the raspberry reminds me (both color and taste) vaguely of cough syrup! (but they are still tasty!)