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May 4, 2008 08:39 AM

Liqour Stores that Sell Sake

Looking for bottles of good quality Japanese Sake, downtown area. Any suggestions?

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  1. Try Sam's ( ). Depending on where you are in the downtown area, you might be closer to the original (well, not the original, but where the original location moved to) at 1720 North Marcey Street in west Lincoln Park, or the newly opened branch at 50 E Roosevelt Rd in the South Loop. They show 24 different sakes on their website. If you're going in the morning or lunchtime, the Lincoln Park location is down the street (Clybourn) from Vanille ( ) for croissants and baked goods, and the South Loop location is across the street (Wabash) from Bongo Room for creative breakfast dishes.

    Binny's ( ) has a big selection too, and has stores in the South Loop at 1132 S. Jefferson across from Manny's Deli (another worthwhile food stop, ), and on the North Side in Lakeview at 3000 N. Clark.

    One more option - if you happen to be near Fox and Obel, our upscale gourmet food store and cafe in River East near Navy Pier, they have a very nice wine selection and I'm sure they'd have something for you there.

    1. Just bumping this thread to see if there are any new must visit shops for the Sake obsessed.

      I know that Mitsuwa has a great selection of Sake but won't be able to make it out there as I am only in town for the weekend.

      What would the next best option be?

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        Since the last post, Binny's bought Sam's. Some of the former Sam's changed names to Binny's, such as at Marcey Street, and a few stores closed, so check the Binny's website for a location near you. While not as broad a selection as Mitsuwa, Binny's should be able to cover you well for a weekend.

        1. re: GourmetWednesday

          Thanks a ton for that. Binny's seems to carry mostly lower end Sake for the most part. Any spots that would carry something a bit higher in caliber?

          Will definitely still hit Binny's up to see what's on the shelves!

          1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

            Check the Warehouse store on South Jefferson - I can;t speak to Sake but being a Scotch drinker I know the Scotch selection varies between sores and in terms of Scotch the south loop store was huge

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              The Marcey Street Binny's has a locked room where they keep the high end spirits, you might want to check and see if they have any higher end Sake in there. If I remember correctly the room is across the store from the entrance and a little to the right.

              1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

                I did a quick search of the word junmai on the the Binny's site I found a number of higher calibre sakes. I would call whatever store I planned to visit. Some of the prices seem low because the sake often comes in 300 ml. bottles.

                1. re: deesher

                  Thank you.

                  I'm looking for harder to find sake generally in the junmai daiginjo range around $250 and up. May only find that at mitsuwa though.

                  I will be grabbing some of the kimoto sake at binnys and some of those junmai listed there if I can find them.

                  Thanks again everyone.

          2. So, just got back from my last minute trip to Chicago. Checked out Binny's on West Grand who had 300ml bottles of Sato No Homare and 720ml bottles of Mukune. Also ended up at Murasaki Sake Lounge. Nice selection of Sake and Shochu there. Basically ended up drinking the aforementioned Sake all night.

            the rest of the trip consisted of 5 meals at Xoco/Frontera/Torta and 3 meals at Sable. With a dash of italian beef and hotdogs peppered in there. What can I say, super last minute trip and I am lazy.

            Thanks to all for your help! It was much appreciated! The next time I'm in town things will be more carefully planned to say the least.