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May 4, 2008 08:26 AM

Québec City/Lévis - Les Chocolats Favoris - moved?


Hubby and I are planning extensive Québec City eating trip (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner - waddle back to hotel). One of our top places in the snack category is that yummy ice cream place on Lévis that dips the ice cream in chocolate. We have stumbled across a review in french that is either indicating that it has moved or opened a branch. Do any of you Québec City Chowhound folks or frequent visitors know what happened to it?

Once I get our restaurant itinerary set, I'll post it to see if you folks have any comments.



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  1. While in Quebec City you have to visit Le Canard Goulu. I can't remember the address but it will be in the book. The best duck products I have tasted. I especially like their duck meatball pasta sauce. This is a take-out deli but there is also a dining room now and I would suggest it for lunch. And buy some things to take home because they cannot ship outside the province, I have tried.

    1. Hi Shannon, if you can post a link to the review you mentioned, we could translate the bit about moving/opening a branch for you - if that would help. The 2008 Lévis tourism guide lists it as being at 32, avenue Bégin, at exit 325 off highway 20, with the dairy bar being open from May-Oct.8 this year. There's a note that says the entry has been updated for the 2008 season, as well as a contact email & phone no. for the place.

      1. You have to try this place for chocky.... MMmmmmm

        We go there with our speedster alot...

        1. Chocolats Favoris ("Choc Fav" as we call them in French), opened a new branch in 2007 located on 1st Avenue in Quebec City (formerly Charlesbourg). The old Levis location was still there for Easter when I went back 2 months ago. The new branch was as crowded as the old one when I stopped by in September.

          Canard Goulu is on Avenue Maguire, not too far from the downtown area. I agree that they have amazing products.