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May 4, 2008 07:57 AM

Kitchen A Bistro

Went to the Kitchen Bistro in St James last night. It was wonderful. The food was excellent. Frog Legs, for a starter and venison for dinner. Excellent pot of expresso for desert. It was a thick chocolate coffee type of mousse with a small biscotti on the side, really good. My dining companions totally enjoyed their rissotto appetizers, a pasta with an oxtail ragout, hanger steak & a pork tenderloin. Best part was BYOB. At 39 dollars price fix, an excellent value as well. Great little restaurant will definietly go back again!!!

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  1. Have been meaning to get here for years, finally went 2 weeks ago and thought it was amazing!! been there 3 times since. fist time there we ordered 2 extra app's (for the two of us!)
    great chestnut pasta with duck confit appetizer, so so goat cheese carmelized onion tart, overdressed goat cheese salad imho but still tasty, great snail appetizer, great grilled octopus app also.
    great bavette (steak) entree, the next 2 times it was replaced with hanger steak (still good but not as great), great clam and fish entree, great lamb stew dish last week, excellent swordfish (surprise!), could go on.....
    desserts also very good. dining companion liked the pannacotta, i had a great plum tart once, the pot de creme chocolate was on the menu also, good cobbler too last time we were there. seems the fruit desserts are a fave of the cook, v good.

    the only downside is the volume level, which is to be expected from the size of the place. awesome food, terrible space, great great byob. prob be back 10 times in the next 10 weeks LOL!!

    1. This is one of my favorite places on LI. Always delicious!

      1. was there 2 weeks ago and while still a good meal, def was not as wowed as have been the last 4 times we were there. the rabbit sausage app was tasty though. was my bday AND my fave chestnut tagliatelle and duck confit app was off the menu!!!! the dessert was just so-so also, cannot even remember what it was :((
        what will happen now that they are moving to the old mirabelle space?? hope there isnt less focus on food and it doesnt change the quality and taste!!!

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          We were there a couple of weeks ago too. We loved our meal from top to bottom. Their menu changes with what is fresh. As always for us, so many of the choices looked so good it was difficult to decide what to order. It remains my favorite place and am looking forward to the new space and accomodating more reservations.